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Twins & Multiples: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Twin Pregnancy Quiz - Is It Twins? - Am I...
Take this quiz to assess your chances of having twins or more.
Is It Twins? 9 Signs That You're Having Twins...
Pregnant mothers often suspect they are carrying more than one baby. Here are the top ten signs and symptoms of a twin, triplet or other multiple pregnancy.
Twins That Don't Look Alike - Why Identical...
Identical twins are thought to be exactly alike, but there are many differences. A new study explains how epigenetics is responsible for the differences in identical twins.
10 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins
Many people wonder what it takes to have twins, triplets or more. Here are some things that cause people to have twins
Quiz: Is it Twins? Could I Be Having Twins (Or...
Is it twins? Take this quiz to assess your chances of having twins or more.
Do Twins Run in Families? Explaining the Twin...
Many people wonder if there is a twin gene, causing them to have twins if they have a family history of twins or multiple birth. Find out if twins run in families with this explanation of the genetic connection to twinning.
10 Surprising Facts About Fraternal Twins
Get the facts about fraternal twins. Learn how they are formed and how fraternal twins are different from identical twins.
Can Identical Twins Be Different Genders?
Can boy girl twins be identical? This article examines the issue of identical, that is monozygotic, twins of different genders.
Who Knew? These Celebs Are Also Twins
Do you know these celebrity twins? Some famous people, such as Ashton Kutcher or Vin Diesel, have a secret twin - a twin sister or brother. Find out which celebrities are twins.
What Does the Term "Irish Twins" Mean?
What are Irish Twins? Learn more about the term used to describe two siblings that are close in age.
Could It Be Twins? Signs and Symptoms of Twin...
Do moms of twins, triplets or more experienced enhanced pregnancy symptoms? A review of the common pregnancy signs and how they manifest themselves when there are multiples.
You Might Be Pregnant With Twins If... 8 Signs...
Explore some of the signs that indicate you may be pregnant with twins.
Amazing Facts About Identical Twins
Get the facts about identical twins, the common term used to describe monozygotic twins, even thought identical twins aren't technically identically alike.
Quiz: Could You Be Having Twins (Or More)?
Is it twins? Am I having twins? Expectant mothers often wonder if they are having more than one baby during their pregnancy. Take the quiz to see if you are having twins.
23 Celebrity Moms Who Gave Birth to Twins and...
Many mothers of twins are celebrities or famous actresses, singers, or personalities, including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Laura Bush, Cleopatra and Mia Hamm.
12 Things You've Always Wondered About Twins
A list of 12 amazing facts and anecdotes about twins and multiples, many things that you've always wondered about twins and multiples, but didn't know to ask.
Multiple Suprises: Could You Be Carrying a...
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy with twins, triplets and other multiples in this multiple birth FAQ. Find out whether there can be a hidden twin, even if an ultrasound only shows one baby.
What Are Mirror Image Twins?
What are mirror image twins and how are they different from regular twins?
How to Tell if Your Twins Are Identical or...
These strategies for determining twin type will help parents of multiples determine whether their twins are identical or fraternal.
Do Twins Really Have ESP?
Twins share a special connection, and many report incidences of twin telepathy or extrasensory perception ESP phenomenon.
Fact or Fiction: Do Twins Skip a Generation?
A common myth about twins is that they skip a generation. This article explains whether this claim is true, and how generational twinning occurs.
Do Identical Twins Really Have the Same DNA?
Explores the topic of identical twins and DNA. Do identical twins have the same DNA?
Quiz Results: Could I Be Having Twins (Or...
Take this quiz to assess your chances of having twins or more.
What Are the Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy?
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy with twins, triplets and other multiples in this multiple birth FAQ. What are the signs and symptoms of a twin pregnancy?
The Most Popular Baby Names for Twins
An analysis of the most popular baby names as recorded in the United States and suggestions for most popular baby names for twins.
What Are the Odds of Having Twins?
What are the odds of having twins, triplets, or other multiples? Many people want to know what there chances are of having twins. Let's examine the statistics associated with multiple birth and the factors that influence twinning.
College Discounts and Scholarships for Twins...
Parents of twins and multiples can save money on college tuition by sending their twins, triplets or more to a college or university that offers scholarships and tuition discounts to twins, triplets and other multiples.
What's the Difference Between Identical and...
This article addresses the distinction between identical and fraternal twins.
A Closer Look at the Fingerprint Patterns of...
Do identical twins have the same fingerprints? Find out the answer and how phenotyping within the genes of identical twins can determine their physical appearance.
Cribs for Twins
Parents of twins and multiples seeking twin cribs for their babies will find information about cribs for twins in this slideshow featuring pictures of twin cribs.
Pregnant with Twins? 10 Superfoods You Should...
A woman pregnant with twins or more has special nutritional needs and should follow her doctors advice to ensure a healthy diet. These ten items can help a pregnant mom of twins meet her nutrition needs during twin pregnancy.
Twins with Different Birthdays: How Can That Be...
Twins are generally born on the same day but in some cases twins have different birthdays.
Twin Ultrasound Pictures
This photo gallery of twin ultrasound pictures shows twins and multiples in the womb.
How Many Placentas Are There in a Twin Pregnancy?
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy with twins, triplets and other multiples in this multiple birth FAQ. How many placentas are there in a twin pregnancy?
Will I Have Twins? What Are My Chances of...
Many people wonder if they will have twins and they often inquire about their chances of having twins.
10 Unique and Unusual Types of Twins
A description of some of the unusual and unique types of twins, such as polar body twins, superfecudation, superfetation, parastic twins and mirror images twins.
Identical Triplets
Identical triplets? An explanation and description of identical triplets, monozygotic triplets that form from a single egg/sperm combination.
How Parents Tell Identical Twins Apart
Parents of identical twins often worry about how to tell twins apart. Try these strategies for telling twins apart.
Double Trouble! The Worst Things About Being...
Being pregnant with twins is an exciting experience but there are some unpleasant side effects to twin pregnancy. Here are the ten worst things about being pregnant with twins.
12 Questions About Vanishing Twin Syndrome
Answers to frequently asked questions about Vanishing Twin Syndrome.
Pregnant with Multiples? 10 Things to Avoid
When you're pregnant with twins or multiples, it's important to take good care of yourself. Avoid these mistakes to have a healthy pregnancy with twins or more.
What Symptoms Did You Experience During Twin...
Moms of twins explain the symptoms they experienced during their twin pregnancy in this poll about twin pregnancy symptoms.
10 Best Discounts and Freebies for Twins and...
This listing details special offers, discounts and free stuff availalbe for families with twins, triplets and other multiples.
Which Twin is Older? (And Does It Matter?)
Is birth order typecasting relevant to twins, triplets and other multiples? Parents of twins and multiples need to be aware of the consequences of assigning birth order characteristics to their children.
What causes twins? How do twins form?
Have you ever wondered how and why twins occur? This article is a comprehensive explanation and examination of the causes of twins, both identical (monozygotic) and fraternal (dizygotic) twins.
10 Things Moms of Twins are Tired of Explaining
When you're a mom of twins, you're frequently called on to answer questions and address issues from the public. Here are ten things that moms of twins get tired of explaining about twins.
Twin Pregnancy Photo Gallery
Pictures of mothers of multiples are featured in this photo gallery of twin pregnancy.
How Can I Find Out If I'm Having Twins?
Think you might be pregnant with twins? Find out how to determine if you are having twins in this collection of Frequently Asked Questions about Twin Pregnancy.
10 Snappy Comebacks to the Question "Are They...
As parents of twins, we are constantly approached by strangers who are full of questions and comments.
Twin Pregnancy Hacks - Tips for Surviving Twin...
Try these tips for surviving a twin pregnancy and preparing for the birth of a double bundle of joy.
Newborn Twins Photo Gallery
Pictures of newborn twins are featured in this photo gallery. Newborn twins are less than one month old in this pictures.
13 Essentials for Surviving the First Year with...
Amber, a mom of one-year-old twins, suggests must-have essentials for surviving the first year with twins.
Quiz: Twin Trivia
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about twins and multiple birth and see if you can identify fraternal or identical twins from these pictures of twins.
What Are MoMo Twins?
MoMo twins refers to twins that are monochorionic and monoamniotic, contained in a single chorion and amnion during pregnancy.
How to Have Twins: Dairy Diet
Many people wonder what it takes to have twins, triplets or more. Here are some things that cause people to have twins, such as a diet that includes dairy products.
10 Things to Do Before Your Twins are Born
Are you pregnant with twins? As you prepare for the birth of twins, consider this checklist of ten things to do before your twins are born.
10 Tips for Better Sleep with Baby Twins
Get more sleep with baby twins with these ten tips for helping twins sleep.
Rhyming Twin Names
Should you give your twins rhyming names? That's one strategy that parents use when naming twins. Consider these combinations of rhyming names for twins.
More Than Maxi? Maternity Clothes for Moms of...
Moms pregnant with twins or more need special advice regarding the purchase of maternity clothes for their pregnancy. These tips for maternity clothes for a twin pregnancy will help you get the most for your money.
Pregnant With Multiples? What to Know About...
Women pregnant with twins or more have an increased risk of experiencing preterm labor. Know the signs of preterm labor during twin pregnancy.
Have Twins? 10 Tips for Easier Potty Training
These ten tips for potty training twins will help parents of multiples in their efforts to potty train two twin children at the same time.
How Do You Determine if Twins Are Identical or...
Whether a set of twins are considered identical or fraternal is based on zygosity. Learn the differences between identical and fraternal twins and how to determine their twin type.
Baby Boy/Girl Twins Photo Gallery
The Baby Boy/Girl Twins Photo Gallery features pictures of fraternal boy/girl twin sets, twins ages six to twelve months.
Top 10 Stupid Questions People Ask About Twins
A humorous look at the silly and stupid questions that people ask about twins and other multiples.
Twin Baby Equipment - Recycling Baby Stuff for...
Advice for parents of twins or multiples who are in the market for gently used or second hand baby clothes, toys and equipment or who wish to resell their baby stuff.
Top Picks Triple Strollers for Triplets
An overview of available triple strollers for families with triplets. These triple strollers are ideal for triplets, but also useful for families with twins plus one.
Conjoined Twins Photo Gallery
This photo gallery contains pictures of conjoined twins.
Boys? Girls? Or One of Each? Gender Reveal...
Planning a gender reveal party to announce your twins? Here are some suggestions for parents of twins as they plan a gender reveal party to unveil whether their baby twins are girls, boys or one of each.
All About Quintuplets
General information about quintuplets, sets of five multiples, also called quints.
Twins and Multiples Photo Gallery Index
Meet the multiples in this photo gallery featuring pictuers of twins, triplets and other multiples submitted by parents of twins, triplets and other multiples.
Names for Twins That Start with the Same...
One way that parents of twins choose names is to select two names that are different but start with the same first letter, so that their twins have names with the same first initial.
10 Celebrities Couples That Are Parents of Twins
These famous couples aren't just hot celebrity actors, actresses and musicians. They are also parents of twins.
Baby Twin Boys Photo Gallery - Boy Twin Baby...
Boy twin baby pictures are the highlight of this photo gallery. The Baby Twin Boys Photo Gallery features pictures of baby boy twins ages six to twelve months.
Spanish Baby Names for Twins
Spanish Baby Names for Twins: the names on this list have Spanish origins and include names for boy twins, girl twins or boy/girl twins for parents seeking Spanish baby names.
Is It Possible for Twins to Have Different...
An unusual type of twinning is Heteropaternal Superfecundation, twins with different fathers.
What exactly are monozygotic twins?
An explanation of monozygotic twins, also known as identical twins.
10 Reasons Your Twins Should Be in the Same...
Deciding whether to keep twins together in class is a big decision for parents. Here are ten reasons to keep twins in the same class.
Are All Twins Left Handed?
Examine the connection between twins and hand preference and find out why so many twins are left handed.
Complete List of Most Popular Baby Names for 2013
A list of the most popular baby names for boys and girls for 2013.
Twin Pregnancy FAQ: What Is The Typical...
Yes, generally, twins and other multiples are born earlier than singletons. One report said 60% of twins were born preterm (under 37 weeks of gestation)
How to Deal with Fighting Twins
Fighting twins are a source of frustration for parents of twins. Parents of twins learn how to cope with twins fighting.
Should I join a club for parents of twins and...
Clubs for families with multiples are an invaluable resource for parents of twins, triplets or more. Connect with a local club in your area for support, advice, friendship and equipment swapping.
10 Things You Should Never Say to Twins
There are some things that you should never to say to twins. People may say them without thinking, but if you want to be really sensitive to the feelings of twins, triplets and other multiples, don't say these things to twins.
Losing Weight After Having Twins
Mothers of twins, triplets or other multiples gain more weight during pregnancy than their singleton counterparts. This weight loss advice is designed to aid mothers of multiples achieve sensible, healthy weight loss through diet and exercise.
The Dilley Sextuplets
Profile of Dilley sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Dilley family in 1993.
Get the Answers to Your Questions About Twin...
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about twin pregnancy, such as what's different about being pregnant with twins and how to determine if your twins are identical or fraternal.
Identical vs. Fraternal Twins Explained in One...
An illustration of the process of twinning, with side-by-side comparison of monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (fraternal) twins.
10 Best Double Jogger Strollers
review of top picks of double jogging strollers for twins.
Photo Gallery of Boy/Girl Twins
Online photo gallery featuring pictures of boy/girl twins, with photos submitted by parents of twin pairs with one girl and one boy.
The Best Dressed Twins Shop Here for Twin Outfits
Shop for clothes for twins at these sites which offer matching clothing, outfits for boy/girl twins, and other clothes for twins.
Sleep Solutions for Toddler Twins
Parents of toddler twins, triplets or other multiples may get more sleep than when their children are babies, but reaching toddlerhood presents a whole other set of sleep issues for toddler twins and multiples. Here are some solutions to sleep problems with twins, triplets and multiples.
8 Things That are Harder When You Have Twins
What kinds of things are harder when you have twins? A look at some of the situations that are challenging for parents of twins.
List of Most Popular Baby Names - Choose Names...
A list of the most popular baby names, as identified by the Social Security Administration in 2014. Use this list to choose names for twins.
6 Tricks for Better Sleep When You're Pregnant...
Get a good night's sleep during pregnancy with twins or multiples with these tips for improving sleep, contributed by moms who've been there.
Myths and Misconceptions about Twins and...
There are many myths and misconceptions about twins, triplets and other multiples. Let's examine some of the more pervasive ones and see what holds true.
What Is Superfetation?
Definition of superfecundation, term used to describe twins conceived at different times.
10 Questions and Comments Twins Don't Want to...
Here are ten things that twins hate to hear; ten questions, comments and statements that people say to twins.
What's Different About a Twin Pregnancy?
Pregnant with twins? You may have questions, for example, wondering how a twin pregnancy is different from a singleton pregnancy. Here is the answer.
Identical Twin Pregnancy: What You Should Know
What do you need to know about an identical twins pregnancy? If you are pregnant with identical twins, these are some things you should consider.
Twin Talk: Do Twins Share a Secret Language?
Some twins exhibit twin talk or idioglossia, a secret language between twins.
11 Biggest Dilemmas for Parents of Twins
Parents of twins have to make some tough choices about how they will raise their twins. This article looks at some of the biggest issues and dilemmas for parents of twins.
10 Twin Strollers Worth Trying
Review of top picks of side-by-side double strollers for twins.
Products Made Just for Twins
Shop for unique products made just for twins.
Are There More Twins? The Rise in the Multiple...
Are there more twins? This article investigates the rise in the twin birth rate resulting in an increase in twins.
How Big Will I Get? Weight Gain and Twin...
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy with twins, triplets and other multiples in this multiple birth FAQ. Find out how much weight a woman pregnant with twins should gain during her twin pregnancy.
Are Bigger, Taller Mothers More Likely to Have...
A study shows that overweight mothers are more likely to have twins. Maternal BMI is just one of the factors that increases that chances of twins.
What are Semi-Identical Twins?
A new type of twin type called semi-identical twins has been identified.
How to Choose Names for Twins and Multiples
Parents of twins, triplets and other multiples should consider these factors when choosing names for their children.
Why You Might Need Bed Rest During Pregnancy
Mothers who are pregnant with twins, triplets, quadruplets or more are likely to encounter complications associated with multiple birth that require them to undergo bed rest during their pregnancy. Here are some tips for coping with bed rest.
Fun and Funny Names for Twins
A lighthearted look at names for twins, using funny or silly combinations of names.
10 Mistakes Not to Make When You Have Twins
The first few months with newborn twins or multiples can be tough for families. Here are some common mistakes that parents of multiples make during the first few months.
Triplet Photo Gallery
The Triplet Photo Gallery features pictures of triplets submitted by parents of multiples.
The Risks of Pregnancy with Twins or Multiples
Pregnancy with twins, triplets or more is usually termed
10 Best Baby Gifts for Twins (#3 is Must!)
What is a good gift for baby twins? These gift suggestions are appropriate for new parents of babu twins, triplets or other multiples.
Again? Triplets After Twins ... Having...
Wondering what it takes to have twins, triplets or more? One of the factors that might increase your chances is to already have them!
Twin Hacks for Surviving the First Few Months...
A mom of twins shares her hints and tips for surviving the first few months with baby twins. Check out these great twin hacks for help with baby twins.
Wow, Four Babies! Is That Common?
General information about quadruplets, sets of four infants born at one birth, also called quads - types, odds, interesting facts, support groups, strollers.
Famous African American Twins and Parents of...
A showcase of famous African American twins as well as celebrity parents of twins.
Stereotypes About Twins - Are They Hurtful or...
Twins and their families are affected by stereotypes about twins based on misunderstandings and perpetuated by the media.
Can You Choose the Sex of Your Twins or...
This article explains how parents of multiples may have some control over the sex of their babies, including ways that parents can select the gender of their twins or more.
What's the Difference Between Mirror Twins and...
What's the difference between identical twins and mirror twins? Learn more about these terms and how they relate to ech other.
How to Bottle Feed Two Babies at the Same Time
An explanation of how to bottle feed two babies at the same time, with tips for feeding twins.
You're Having Twins... Now What?
If you are pregnant with twins, triplets, quadruplets or more, you probably have many questions and concerns. Here is a guide for finding advice and support about parenting multiples from the experts -- other parents of twins or multiples.
Baby Twin Girls Photo Gallery
Twin girl baby pictures are the focus of this photo gallery. The Baby Twin Girls Photo Gallery features pictures of baby girl twins ages six to twelve months.
10 Best Tandem Twin Strollers
A review of the best tandem (front-back/inline) double strollers for twins.
General information about sextuplets, sets of six multiples, a type of extreme mutiple birth.
Preeclampsia and Multiple Birth
Researchers have discovered good news about preeclampsia, which effects 1 in 3 pregnant mothers of multiples.
To Buy Two? What You Should Know Before You...
Do parents of twins really need to buy two of everything for their infant twins or multiples? Find out what you really need two of.
10 Greatest Double Strollers for Twins
Here are the best double strollers for transporting twins in a tandem or side-by-side twin stroller. Parents of twins need a good double stroller.
Polar Body Twinning
Polar Body Twinning Definition: This glossary provides explanations of terms related to twins and multiple birth.
Finding Out You're Having Twins
Finding out that you are having twins can be a big shock. Many parents find out they are having twins via ultrasound.
Travel System Strollers for Twins
An analysis of double strollers that can serve as travel system strollers for twins. A travel system stroller that accommodates infant car seats may seem like a good choice for a double stroller. What are the options for twin travel system strollers?
Gosselin Sextuplets
Profile of Gosselin sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Gosselin family in Pennsylvania in 2004 and featured on the television program Jon and Kate Plus Eight about a family with twins and sextuplets.
How to Stop Twins from Biting
Do you have a problem with biting twins? Parents of twins are multiples find out why babies and toddlers bite, and how to stop their children from biting.
10 Reasons Your Twins Should Be In Separate...
Deciding whether to keep twins together in class is a big decision for parents. Here are ten reasons to separate twins in different classes.
Ten Tricks for Telling Twins Apart
Try these tricks for telling identical twins apart. Even twins that aren't identical may look very similar as babies.
What Will Happen if My Twins are Born Early?
Because many twins and multiples are at risk for preterm birth, it is important for parents to understand the risks and consequences of prematurity.
What Are the Most Popular Names for Twins?
A review of the most popular names for twins based on the list of the top baby names as determined by the Social Security Administration in 2013.
Celebrity Baby Names for Twins
What do celebrities name their twins? Consider these celebrity baby names for twins.
Wombmates to Roomates: Should Multiples Share a...
Parents of twins, triplets and other multiples often wonder whether their twins or more should share a bedroom, or when they should transition into separate bedrooms.
Who Knew There Were Two? 10 Amazing Stories of...
Readers share amazing stories of the moment when they discovered they were pregnant with twins.
Hot Celebrity Actors That are Dads of Twins
Many celebrity actors are also dads of twins. This slideshow takes a look at some of the well-known actors from TV and movies that have twins.
Di/Di, Mo/Mo? Understanding Twin Chorionicity
A guide to understanding chorionicity in twin pregnancy, explaining how monozygotic and dizygotic twins are structured in the womb.
Twin Mom's Greatest Wish: Double Shopping Carts...
A parent of twins advocates for double shopping carts to accomodate twins and other multiples in popular stores.
Speech Delays in Twins - Solving Speech...
Speech delays are common in twins and other multiples. Find out how to idenfity potential speech problems and what to do about speech delays in your twins, triplets or multiples.
Who Are the Hayes Sextuplets?
Profile of Hayes sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Hayes family in 2004.
How to Get Your Twins on a Schedule
Developing both a feeding and sleeping schedule for baby twins can be a lifesaver for their parents. Here are some tips.
5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Car Seats for...
Parents buying car seats for their twins have additional factors to consider. Answer these five questions before you buy car seats for twins.
Toys for Twins from the Step 2 Company
The Step 2 company is particuarly clever in designing toys for twins and other multiples. Check out twin toys like Fire Engine for Two, Wagon for Two, Naturally Playful outdoor play equipment and even a roller coaster for twin toddlers.
How to Maintain Your Marriage After Multiple...
Having twins or multiples may impact the marriage of parents of multiples. These tips and suggestions are for parents of multiples who wish to maintain their marriage after having twins or multiples.

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