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Top 4 New Years Resolutions by Parents of Twins/Multiples


Updated June 15, 2007

As the year comes to a close, parents of twins/multiples share their resolutions for the new year ahead.

1. Make the Bed -- or Lie In It?

Pam's goal is simple ... to make her bed every day before it's time to get back in it! Will she succeed?

2. Shifting & Shedding

Kathi has plans for herself and her husband in the year ahead -- to reduce! Will she fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes?

3. No One Stays Pregnant Forever!

It's a good bet that this mom will achieve her goal for the year! It has to happen sooner or later...

4. Mommy Cum Laude

Jacki has two lofty goals for the new year: to finish college and to finish baby-proofing before her twosome gets too mobile.

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