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How Can I Find Out if I'm Having Twins?


Updated June 11, 2014

Question: How Can I Find Out if I'm Having Twins?
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The thought will cross the mind of almost every pregnant woman at some time: "Could there be more than one in there?" In some cases, the idea may be a passing fancy, yet for others, it is a strong hunch.

Every pregnancy is different. While there are certain symptoms that produce a suspicion of multiples, there are plenty of mothers of multiples who had no indications whatsoever.

Ultrasound remains the most reliable way to detect and monitor a multiple pregnancy. The routine use of ultrasound in prenatal care has reduced the number of surprise appearances by twins in the delivery room, so that most multiples are discovered during the first half of pregnancy.

If you suspect that you are carrying twins or more, discuss your feelings with your doctor or midwife. Women pregnant with twins will require more frequent prenatal visits.

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