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Twin Pregnancy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy with Twins


Updated June 25, 2014

Ultrasound of Twins at Twelve Weeks

Ultrasound of Twins at Twelve Weeks

Photo reprinted with permission of Charmaine.
Finding out that you are pregnant with twins is an exciting but also overwhelming prospect. Because a twin pregnancy has some addtional risks and precautions, you may have many questions. Here are the answers to many frequently asked questions about twin pregnancy. Have a question that isn't addressed here? Ask me.

Q: What's different about a twin pregnancy?
A: Obviously, the main difference between a twin pregnancy and a regular pregnancy is the presence of two fetuses...read more.

Q: What are the signs of a twin pregnancy?
A: Just as every woman is different, everyone experiences pregnancy differently. While some women will experience dramatic symptoms...read more.

Q: How can I find out if I am having twins?
A: The thought will cross the mind of almost every pregnant woman at some time: "Could there be more than one in there?" In some cases, the idea may be a passing fancy, yet for others, it is a strong hunch...read more.

Q: What kind of doctor should I see if I am having twins?
A: : A twin or multiple pregnancy requires more careful medical supervision than a singleton pregnancy, so choosing the right doctor is an important decision. There are different types of doctors who can provide care during a twin pregnancy...read more.

Q: Will I have to go on bed rest?
A: A 1992 survey by the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs found that 70 percent of mothers of multiples experienced bed rest during pregnancy with twins or more. However, in the years since, doctors have become less rigid about sentencing women to bed for the duration...read more.

Q: Can there be a hidden twin?
A: Many women suspect that they are having twins, even when an ultrasound only reveals the presence of one baby. Most likely, they are not having twins, but there are some exceptions...read more.

Q: What is vanishing twin syndrome?
A: In recent years, enhanced use of ultrasound early in pregnancy has increased the frequency of diagnosis of twin pregnancy, and unfortunately, has produced a heightened awareness of the phenomenon of Vanishing Twin Syndrome (VTS). read more.

Q: How much weight will I gain with a twin pregnancy?
A: As you might suspect, a woman who is having multiples will see more of an increase on her scale than if she were only having one baby...read more.

Q: What should I wear during my twin pregnancy?
A: Maternity clothes for moms of multiples can be a tricky issue. Even traditional maternity wear may not accommodate the expansive girth of a twin belly...read more.

Q: Will I be able to work during my twin pregnancy?
A: It will be up to you and your doctor to determine the best course of action depending on your physical condition during your pregnancy...read more.

Q: What's the typical gestation for a twin pregnancy?
A: Generally, twins and other multiples are born earlier than singletons....read more.

Q: Are my twins identical or fraternal?
A: One of the first things that people want to know about twins is whether they are identical or fraternal....read more.

Q: How many placentas are there in a twin pregnancy?
A: It depends! The number of placentas can vary depending on the type of twins...read more.

Q: Should I take a chilbirth preparation class before delivering twins?
A: Childbirth preparation classes are an important part of pregnancy, an opportunity to prepare for the birth of their baby and as they learn about the process of labor and delivery. However, if you are expecting twins, triplets or more, the traditional class may not meet your needs... read more.

Q: What is the NICU?
A: You may hear other parents of twins mention their babies' experience in the NICU. If your babies are born early, they may require hospitalization in a specialized newborn nursery...read more.

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