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Top 10 Baby Monitors for Twins/Multiples


Updated June 03, 2014

One very handy product for parents of twins or multiples is a baby monitor, allowing them to keep tabs on their babies from another location within the house. From basic models that let you listen for babies' cries to high-tech gadgets that alert you to baby's every breath, there are a wide variety of products for parents of multiples to choose from. Here is a sampling of some of the best baby monitors on the market, with emphasis on their appeal for parents of twins or multiples.

1. Home Connection Monitor

The more, the merrier, right? That's usually the attitude adopted by parents of multiples, who may appreciate the multiplicity f this home monitoring system from Safety 1st. With multiple transmitters, parents can monitor up to three different locations in the house frm a pair of receivers. The receivers also feature a walkie talkie function so parents can communicate with each other from different locations, with a range of up to 1,000 feet.
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2. AngelCare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor

Because many multiples are premature or at risk for SIDS, a product that monitors movement as well as sound may be of interest to parents of twins, triplets or more. A sensor pad placed under baby's mattress detects the slightest movement of baby's breathing; rather than letting parents know when baby's awake, an alert sounds if baby is too still. The monitor can also be used in a traditional capacity without the movment sensor pad.
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3. Sounds 'n' Light Monitor with Dual Receivers

Also from Fisher Price comes the Sounds 'n' Light Monitor. Lights on the receiver lets you know the intensity of sound emanating from your babies' room. It could potentially be a helpful feature for parents of multiples, if you learn to interpret the light cues to determine if just one -- or all -- of your multiples are sounding off.
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4. Whisper Connect Tria Monitor

Remember when a baby monitor was just a baby monitor, not a walkie-talkie in disguise? Ahhh, technology. The Tria monitor allows parents to listen to their babies, but also to talk back to them -- and to talk to each other using the included dual receivers. (Once your multiples get older, that might be the only way you get to carry on a conversation!) Features an extended range up to 650 feet.
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5. First Years Cordless Attachable Monitor

The selling point of this model is that it attaches directy to baby's crib, swing or stroller, giving the product an added portability and flexibility of use. Both the transmitter and receiver are cordless and rechargable. The 900 MHz frequency assures clarity.
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6. Baby's Quiet Sounds Handheld Color Video Monitor

It is the 21st century after all. Today's babies are accustomed to advanced technology - a video monitor is a must for the most anxious of modern parents. Seriously, though, a video monitor may not be necessary for multiple infants, but it sure could come in handy when your twins or triplets get a little older and you want to watch over their antics in the playroom. Summer Infant's baby monitor has a color receiver with night vision, providing a clear picture of your babies at any time.
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7. Graco Ultra Clear Monitor with Two Receivers

Graco is known for a wide variety of reliable, budgetwise baby products,and their entry in the baby monitor category meets that standard. The benefit of two receivers is that you can station them around the house, in the areas where you commonly spend your time when the babies are asleep. For example, position one in the kitchen and the other in your own bedroom. Reviewers claim that the product won't interfere with other products, so you're sure to hear every peep.
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8. Sony BabyCall Nursery Monitor

If you're a perfectionist or a technophile, you'll appreciate the BabyCall Nursery Monitor, from electronics superpower Sony. Designed to produce the clearest signal, void of static and interference. If sound quality is important, consider this product. Other features include a rechargable, water-resistant receiver.
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9. Wireless Baby Monitor and Security Camera

This relatively inexpensive video monitor claims to be smaller and lighter than other models without sacrificing quality or clarity. The camera can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or other surface to provide the ultimate view of baby's activities. The video monitor is automatcially activated in response to baby's sounds. Additional cameras and video monitors are available for purchase to enhance the system.
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10. Digital Multi-Room Monitor

If your twins are in separate rooms, this is an ideal product. There are two transmitters,a nd you can switch between the two sources manually, or use an auto-scan to keep an ear on both locations. Digital technology provides a clear sound. The 900-foot transmisison range, rechargable battery unit and belt clip let you roam free while still keeping tabs on your babies. lso included.

Do you use a baby monitor for your twins?

What about you? Do you have a baby monitor product that you just love for your twins or multiples? Tell me about it.
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