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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Travel With Twins


Updated July 14, 2014

Air travel is certainly one of the fastest ways to get from one destination to another. But it can also be one of the most stressful, especially if you're a family with young twins or other multiples. But flying with multiples isn't impossible, and can even be pleasant, with some advance planning and preparation. Here are ten questions to ask before traveling with twins.

1. How many seats should we buy?

5 month old fraternal twins, Melanie and Trent
Photo reprinted with permission of Janice Andleton.
You don't have to buy a seat for children under two. They can travel as "lap babies" on most airlines. Certainly this is the most cost-effective way to travel. But is it the best?

2. When should we travel?

Find out how to book flights that will best accommodate your childrens' needs.

3. Will we be able to sit together?

Even if you buy a seat for both babies, airplane configurations may dictate only one baby per row. Will you have to split up? Maybe a divide and conquer approach is the best way to travel.

4. What should we pack in a carryon?

Flying with twins means juggling babies and bags in the airport. Here are some tricks for packing a carryon kit that won't leave you in a lurch, but still fits under the seat on the plane.

5. What should we bring with us?

It's simply impossible to replicate everything you have at home at your destination. And it's unnecessary. Focus on the priorities.

6. What can we borrow/buy/rent when we arrive at our destination?

Just as important as what you bring is what you leave at home! Follow these guidelines for meeting your babies' needs once you arrive at your destination.

7. What if we need extra help?

Things will go wrong while you're traveling. These strategies will help you out in a pinch. Help is available in airports and on planes; you just have to know how to ask.

8. What's the easiest way to get on and off the plane?

Perhaps the trickiest portion of your trip will be actually boarding the plane and getting settled in your seats. Juggling carry-ons, equipment, and babies in confined quarters is never easy. But there are some ways to make it go smoothly.

9. How can I make things go smoothly in the airport?

In some cases, travelers spend as much time in the airport as they do actually in-flight. Avoid hassles and frustration while you're waiting at the airport with these guidelines.

10. How can I keep them comfortable and happy during the flight?

Most parents' biggest concern about flying with young multiples is keeping them comfortable and quiet during the trip. Find out the most common causes for crying during flying, and how to keep your children calm.
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