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Top 12 Items to Keep Twin Babies Warm In Winter


Updated April 29, 2009

Keeping babies warm in winter is a challenge. They can't complain if they're too warm or cold. Resist the instinct to bundle them up; instead, dress them to your own comfort level. If you're chilly and need a sweater, so do they. They need one extra layer for outdoors, since they don't generate body heat with activity. Choose items that are easy to get on and off, and aren't bulky or constricting.

1. Fleece Infant Carrier, Car Seat and Stroller Cover

Fleece Infant Carrier/Car Seat Cover
This versatile product from Kiddopotamus and Company offers warmth and comfort to babies in a variety of ways. Designed for singletons, parents of multiples will want one for each baby. Used with an infant carrier, it offers full protection from the elements as well as the comfort of a parent's body heat. It is also handy as a car and stroller seat insulator.

2. Baby Footmuff Infant Carrier Cover

Baby Footmuff Infant Car Seat Cover
A waterproof exterior and soft fleece interior wraps baby in ultimate comfort during transport in an infant carseat. Unzipped, it functions as a changing pad or play mat. At nearly $80, the footmuff may be a pricey option for families with multiples.
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3. Stay-Put Fleece Hat

Because babies' heads are proportionately large, they lose quite a bit of body heat through the top, and it's important to keep it protected. Don't hesitate to layer hats, or use both a hat and a hood. I like this hat because the adjustable flaps protect babies' tender ears from the biting wind, and the brim shelters their face from wind, rain or snow.. Fastens underneath the chin so it won't come off.

4. Hooded Towelbag

Keeping babies' heads covered after a bath retains a lot of body heat and keeps them feeling warmer. The enclosed bottom also retains heat around babies' feet. Features soft terry material and Velcro closure.

5. Booties

I like these booties for their cotton comfort and because they're designed to stay put on tiny tootsies. Gentle elastic and a Velcro flap secure them on babies' feet. Layer them over footed sleepers or rompers for extra warmth. At $13 - $17 per pair, they're a pricey option for multiples, but versatile construction means they'll fit all winter long and should retain a decent resale value.
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6. Wearable Blanket

Endorsed by the SIDS Alliance for reducing the risk of suffocation and SIDS, this cozy fleece blanket ensures that babies can't kick off the covers as they sleep. Recommended for babies 6 - 12 months, or up to 24 lbs.
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7. Snap Bodysuit

I chose this particular style of one piece bodysuit because of its snap style, with snaps up the front and around the waist instead of just at the crotch. That makes it easier to layer under -- or over -- babies' outfits; you don't have to pull it over their heads. Layering is the most effective way to dress babies for comfort in the winter season: add more when it's cold, take away when it warms up.

8. Snow Pants

When you're dressing your babies to go out in the elements, you want to use a waterproof, windproof fabric in the outer layer. Nylon is a good fabric choice because it provides protection but is lightweight and not bulky. These lined snow pants are reasonably priced, available in a variety of colors and a comfortable option for layering.
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9. Fleece One Piece

For all day warmth in winter, think fleece. One piece outfits provide more warmth because they reduce the number of gaps and openings where cold air can get in. Fleece feels cozy on babies' tender skin and provides warmth without bulk, so that you can add extra layers over or under it.
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10. Sweater Pants

Lands' End Baby Cable Knit Pants keep babies' legs warms in comfortable cotton. A good bet for a good fit, even as baby grows throughout the winter, with an elastic waist and turn-back cuffs on leg bottoms.

11. Fleece Hat and Mitten Set

Lands' End Baby Girls' Fleece Hat and Mitten Set is pretty and functional. Soft fur accents on fleece will feel cozy against tender baby skin. The double layer hat has a chin strap to keep it secured and the fingerless mittens pull on for quick and easy dressing of little hands.

12. Snowball Insulated Mittens

It's tough to find good mittens for little hands, but these mittens from onestepahead.com are offered in sizes from 0-12 months to 5T. With a water-resistant exterior and fleece interior, they'll keep baby hands warm and comfortable, even in the snow. Tethers attach to jackets to keep them from getting lost.

What About You?

How do you keep your babies warm in winter? Please drop me a note and let me know about your favorite products for babies.

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