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Making the Diaper Decision: Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers for Twins


Updated June 15, 2009

Dylan and Andrew

These 9-day-old twins will go through many diapers changes.

Photo reprinted with permission of Jackie.
There's no way around it: having twins or mutiples means double the diapers! For the first few years of their childrens' lives, parents will have to contend with diapers -- lots and lots of diapers. Every parent has to make a choice on which type of diaper product they'll use - cloth or disposable.

Latest Developments

As more families commit to living a "greener" lifestyle and seek more natural options, there is increased effort to choose a diaper product with the least environmental impact. However, parents of twins and multiples must also consider convenience and cost-effectiveness in choosing a diaper style.


A parent of twins will change more than 5,000 diapers in the first year alone! That number increases exponentially for parents of triplets, quadruplets or more. And diapers don't disappear after the first year. Many multiples potty train later than their singleton counterparts, so parents can expect to use diaper products for 2-3 years. Because it's such a consuming chore for parents, it's vital that they choose a product that meets their needs.

While disposables are the most common preference, they can be costly and parents have to constantly restock their supply. Many families are concerned about the impact of disposable diaper products on the environment, and leery of the chemicals used to enhance the diapers absorbency.

For families who dread the additional laundry burden generated by cloth diapers, a diaper service may provide an alternative, removing soiled diapers and returning them clean, folded and ready-to-use again. Next: the pros and cons of both types of diapers
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