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Bathing Twins

Tips for Making Bath Time Easier with Twins, Triplets or More


Updated June 30, 2014

7-month-old identical twins, Ciera and Erica

Ciera and Erica, 7-months-old

Photo reprinted with permission of Lejon.

Bathing baby twins, triplets or more can be quite a tricky process. Getting clean can be a messy business! These tips for parents of multiples are designed to make bath time easier and safer. 

Tip #1: Detachable Shower Head

Tip #2: Wear Swim Goggles

Tip #3: Laundry Baskets as Bath Seats

Tip #4: Use a Tag Team Approach

More Bathtime Tips for Twins/Multiples

What are your tips?  How do you keep bath time from becoming a burden? Submit a tip.

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