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Top 10 Gifts that Moms of Multiples Will Love


Updated May 05, 2014

Moms of twins, triplets or more are special people. They love to be pampered on special occasions with a gift from the heart. Here are some ideas for gifts that moms of multiples will love.

1. Double Heart Pendant

Double heart pendant
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
This reasonably priced jewelry features two interlocking hearts -- a perfect symbol for a mom of twins or as a romantic token of love. The pendant is available in 18K gold, platinum or sterling silver, depending on your budget.
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2. Double Frame

Every mom of twins needs a double frame to showcase photos of her two special sweeties. This stylish option is simple but elegant.
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3. Twin Watercolor Print

Stuff 4 Multiples offers this sweet 8"-x-10" frame with a sweet poem and two slots for photos of each baby. There is also an envelope on the back to leave a special note. 

4. Cashmere Twin Set

Lands End Twin Set
Photo courtesy of LandsEnd.com.

What mom wouldn't love the warmth and softness of a cashmere twin set? The ultimate in luxury is available in a classically styled two-piece sweater, available in a variety of flattering colors. Choose a Lands' End Women's Regular Cashmere Crew Cardigan and a Lands' End Women's Regular Cashmere Shell Sweater to complete the set.

5. Twin Tote

Moms of multiples have a lot of "stuff" to carry around, and a handy tote makes it much easier. Justmultiples.com offers durable totes in a convenient size, customized with a cute graphic. Available with "Twin Things" or "Triplet Things" logo.

6. Gift Certificate for Prepared Meals

Meal assembly stores are a huge trend in the food industry, allowing customers to prepare about a dozen meals in only a few hours. Kept in the freezer until ready to eat, the prepared meals greatly reduce the amount of time and effort that Mom has to spend in the kitchen. Many stores will even offer to prepare the meals for you -- for a premium price of course -- to save even more time.

7. Chocolate

Most every mom loves to be indulge herself with a bite of chocolate now and then. Chocolate covered strawberries combine the best of two flavors in a decadent treat.  Warning: assess mom's state of mind before presenting her with edible treats. You probably don't want to give chocolate to a new mom who's trying to lose her pregnancy weight.

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8. Book: 101 Secrets A Cool Mom Knows

101 Secrets Book
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
Chock-full of useful information, from how to use chopsticks to how to throw a spiral pass, this book from Sue Ellen Browder will come in very handy for moms. Show a special mom that you think she is pretty cool with this clever book.
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9. L'Occitane Gift Set

L'Occitane offers luxurious bath and body products from Provence, sure to be a hit with a mom in need of a little pampering. This gift set collection includes an array of the company's best selling products, from relaxing lavendar-scented hand cream, to comforting shea butter body cream. With heavenly scents and luscious body products, she will love the opportunity for a little self-indulgence.
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10. Mother's Bracelet

A personalized Mother's Bracelet is a lovely piece of custom jewelry. Mom will enjoy showing her love for and pride in her special children with a beautiful bracelet adorned with their names and birthstones. Double, triple and quadruple strands easily accomodate moms of multiples.

What's Your Favorite Gift?

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