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Top 6 Movies About Twins/Multiples


Updated February 28, 2013

Twins and multiples have long been a source of fascination and intrigue. No doubt about it, their complex and unique relationship is always fodder for an interesting story! Here's a collection of movies featuring twins or other multiples that will be enjoyed by parents of twins, triplets or more -- or by anyone interested in multiple birth.

1. Twins

Twins (1988, Rated PG.)
Starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, this very funny comedy tells the story of two genetic twins who couldn't be more disimilar. When the long-lost brothers are reunited and proceed on an adventure to find their mother, their relationship is an entertaining study of the nature vs. nurture theory. (1988, Rated PG.)
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2. Rock-A-Bye-Baby

Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958, Not Rated.)
This slapstick comedy is one of the few movies featuring triplets. When a movie star needs a babysitter for her three babies, Jerry Lewis takes the job with hilarious results. This classic is silly fun for the whole family. (1958, Not Rated.)
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3. The Parent Trap

The remake of the 1961 classic is as charming as its predecessor. Lindy Lohan plays the dual roles of twins separated at birth, who meet up at summer camp and decide to switch roles in an effort to bring together their divorced parents. The happy-ever-after ending is typically Disney, but the story is sweet and genuine. (1998, Rated PG-13.)
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4. Holiday in the Sun

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are probably the world's most famous twins, having grown up in the public eye through their television shows, movies, fashion designs and magazine. Reflecting their new image as hip teenagers, this video is aimed at an older audience than in past works, with a more sophisticated story line featuring romance, mystery and intrigue in the Carribbean. (2001, Not Rated.)
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5. Escape to Witch Mountain

Capitalizing on the mysterious nature of twinship, this movie gifts boy/girl twins with supernatural powers and sets them off on an adventure to find their "people," while avoiding evil influences who want to exploit their powers. The 70's style is definitely dated, but the story is intriguing. A sequel, "Return From Witch Mountain," followed. (1975, Not Rated.)
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6. Twin Sitters

When twins babysit twins, madness ensues. This double trouble movie features Peter and David Paul, aka "The Barbarian Twins," as well as Joseph and Christian Cousins, who also starred in "Kindergarten Cop." It's certainly not high quality film making, but a fun take on the twin dynamic. (1994, Rated PG-13.)
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