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Parenting Septuplets & Octuplets

Parenting of these extreme higher order multiples has only become a viable phenomenon in recent years. Learn interesting facts about these rare multiple births and see how families cope with a multitude of same-age children.

General information about octuplets, sets of eight multiples, a type of extreme mutiple birth.

Chukwu Sextuplets
Profile of Chukwu octuplets, eight octuplet babies born to the Chukwu/Udobi family in Houston in 1998.

Miracle Birth
Nurses who participated in the delivery of the Houston octuplets in 1998 give a firsthand account of their amazing story. The article includes an interesting perspective on the media circus surrounding the event.

Multiple Blessings Bring Multiple Problems
As the frequency of higher order multiple birth increases, so does the public debate. This article evaluates the risks and rewards.

Official Carlson Septuplets Page
These seven fictional identical sisters have become an Internet sensation around the world. Their website includes stories of their lives from infancy to the present, and provides a fun fantasy pictorial of life as a multiple.

Octuplets: An Opinion Poll
Higher order multiples have been the source of debate in recent years. Is more always better? ParentCenter presents this interesting poll.

Qahtani Septuplets
Two girls and five boys were born to Saudi Arabian parents at a Georgetown University hospital in 2001. It was the third occurrence of surviving septuplets.

Septuplets and Higher
This fascinating review of occurrences of extreme multiple birth will amaze you. From the delivery of octuplets in December 1998 to reports of pregnancies with ten, eleven, even fifteen babies, these statistics are utterly astounding.

The Houston Octuplets
Twinstuff.com presents this detailed description of the 1998 birth of octuplets in Houston, Texas.

The McCaughey Septuplets on LHJ.com
Ladies Home Journal magazine has profiled the McCaughey septuplets since their birth in 1997. This collection of articles follows the family's story as they celebrate holidays, vacations and everyday life.

The McCaughey Septuplets
Tremendous controversy surrounded the birth of the McCaughey septuplets in Iowa in 1997. MSNBC.com chronicles their amazing story.

Mothers of Supertwins (MOST) Online
Mothers of triplets will find support and resources through M.O.S.T. A network of local coordinators in forty-four states and several countries provides an opportunity for socialization and support.

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