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Top 10 Double Jogger Strollers for Twins


For active families who want to exercise or venture off the beaten path with their twins, double jogger-style strollers are the best option. These strollers are made with heavy-duty frames and pneumatic tires to provide a comfortable ride even on bumpy or uneven paths. However, they tend to be heavier and less manueverable than other stroller styles, and may require more storage space. (Please note that this list only includes models with a single front wheel. Models with a double set of front wheels can be found with the side-by-side strollers.) Check out a Quick Compare Chart for Double Jogger Strollers.

1. Baby Jogger Performance Series Double Stroller

Baby Jogger Performance Series Double Jogger Stroller
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
With its large, 20-inch wheels, the Baby Jogger performance series looks like a serious machine, almost like a bicycle. And it is a serious stroller, designed for any kind of terrain. The Baby Jogger company originated the double jogging stroller and has continued to produce double strollers with durable construction and quality details. The Performance line of strollers has a streamlined design to ensure less resistance while running. The stroller can accommodate a combined weight limit of 150 pounds and has padded seats for passenger comfort.
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2. InStep Run Around 2

InStep RunAround 2
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
InStep is a division of Schwinn, a company well-known for its bicycle products. Its Run Around double stroller is a budget-priced jogger stroller, usually retailing for less than $200. A bargain indeed, but at the expense of some of the durability and strength found on pricier models. Expect more plastic in the construction, and fewer features. However, the price definitely makes this double jogging stroller worth consideration, especially for parents of twins who are looking for a secondary or backup stroller.
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3. InStep Suburban Safari

InStep Suburban Safari
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
I call the Suburban Safari a straddle stroller, able to function as an all-terrain fitness stroller and also quite functional for use around town. This versatility is due to the adjustable front-wheel, which can be locked in place for running, or set to swivel when extra maneuverability is needed. For those families who truly want to take the Safari on safari, a mesh screen keeps bugs away.
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4. InStep Ultra Runner Double

InStep Ultra Runner 2
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
While more expensive than the Run Around model, the InStep Ultra Runner double jogging stroller is still favorably priced, yet offers more of the details found on higher-end models. Aluminum construction gives the frame more strength, yet it is surprisingly lightweight, weighing nearly ten pounds less than other models. An included tray accessory and under-seat basket offer plenty of storage.
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5. Baby Trend Expedition

Baby Trend Expedition double jogger stroller for twins
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
This is the stroller for the casual jogger. It's a great value, and big on features such as a drink holder and MP3 player hookup. But compared with other models, it's simply not as rugged. With a wider profile (31.5"W and 46"L) it may not be suitable for use in close quarters, such as shopping areas or narrow trails.

6. Schwinn Free Wheeler Double

Schwinn Free Wheeler 2
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
Like its sister products from InStep, Schwinn's double stroller products have bicycle-like features. The Free Wheeler double jogger stroller is an all-terrain model, suitable for use on trails, grass or at the beach, but also suitably maneuverable in more urban environments. It's widely available at discount stores and online, making it a popular mid-price option.
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7. Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Twin Stroller

Tike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Twin Stroller
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
Tike Tech's 2010 models are available in all-terrain and city models. Consider the all-terrain model, with its larger, knobby 16" wheels, for use in grass, sand or snow. Individually adjustable canopies are a nice feature, as opposed to a single sun shade. Tike Tech strollers can be used with a car seat adapter to accommodate infants, making this a good choice for longevity.
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8. BOB Stroller Strides Dualie Fitness Jogging Stroller

BOB Stroller Strides Dualie Fitness Stroller
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.

This California company started out producing bicycle trailers but as the company founders grew their families, they branched out into jogging strollers, seeking to develop a product that would accommodate active families in any environment. The Stroller Strides Fitness stroller is the official stroller of the Stroller Strides fitness program for moms. Details include a trademark swivel front-wheel for maneuverability and two-step fold for portability. An under-seat storage basket adds convenience and ultra-padded seats recline up to 70 degrees for passenger comfort. This double jogging stroller is designed to hold a combined weight of 100 pounds. (Note: this product was included in the 2011 voluntary recall due to a strangulation hazard.) 

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9. BOB Sport Utility Dualie

BOB Sport Utility Dualie
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.

A less expensive option than the Stroller Strides Dualie Fitness Stroller, the Utility Dualie claims the tough durability of a mountain bike, perfect for families seeking an off-road experience. The main difference is the tires, which are larger and knobbier on the Sport Utility model. (Note: this product was included in the 2011 voluntary recall due to a strangulation hazard.) 

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10. Kool-Stop Kool Stride Lil Deuce Double Jogging Stroller

Kool-Stop has an interesting product line. In addition to its fitness strollers, it manufactures child bike seats, tricycles, bicycle brake pads and bike trailers. (My favorite is the innovative StrollerPak that converts from a stroller to a backpack carrier.) Yet their jogging stroller gets high acclaim from fitness enthusiasts. With an adjustable handle, reclining seats and lightweight construction, it is a well-designed product. Kool-Stop also manufactures a special use single stroller that can accommodate adults.

What's your favorite stroller?

What double stroller do you recommend -- or not recommend! -- for parents of twins? Please share your thoughts.
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