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Top 9 Triple Strollers for Triplets

Strollers for triplets, or twins plus one.


Updated May 27, 2014

A good stroller is an important investment for parents of triplets. With three babies, and only two hands, a triple stroller is a must for getting out and about.

Inglesina Domino Trio Triple Stroller

Inglesina Domino Trio Triple Stroller
Photo courtesy of Inglesina.
The Domino Trio is a tandem (inline) stroller with three seats that can be positioned backward-facing (for infants) or forward-facing (for older babies). The frame accommodates either bassinette (carriage-style) or carrier-style seats, however you can not recline all three of the seats at the same time. Weighing more than 30 pounds, it is large and bulky; one of the seats must be removed in order to fold the frame. However, Inglesina is known for high-quality products with impeccable safety standards. While this hefty stroller commands a hefty price, the secondhand market for this product is lucrative.
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Mountain Buggy Urban Triple

Mountain Buggy Urban Triple Stroller for Triplets
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com
New Zealand manufacturer, Mountain Buggy, presents a side-by-side jogging stroller intended for rugged terrain. The Urban Triple can be used for walking or jogging, with air-filled tires that can be locked in place for a smoother ride during off-road expeditions. Three padded seats are individually adjustable and recline completely. The Urban Triple is compatible with all of Mountain Buggy's convenient customizable options, like car seat adapters, bassinettes and carriers.
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Double Decker Stroller for Triplets

Double Decker Stroller, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Double Decker Stroller, Inc.
Invented by parents of multiples, Double Decker strollers utilize a lightweight frame (22 lbs.) in conjunction with convenient infant carrier-style car seats from Evenflo and Graco to produce a compact, inline stroller with stadium (stacked) seats. The triple stroller can accommodate 100 pounds of combined child weight, and the life of the stroller can be extended with the addition of toddler seats for older children.

Peg Perego Triplette

Peg Perego is an Italian manufacturer of top-of-the-line strollers and baby products. Their Triplette model accommodates three seats -- either traditional stroller seats or Peg Perego's model of car seats. Seats may be positioned forward, reverse, or two seats can be facing each other and offer adjustable recline and footrests. A unique steering wheel on the handle bar purportedly provides an ease of handling not found in other models, but an even better feature is the adjustable handlebar that accommodates pushers of varying heights. At a whopping 45 pounds, this is a heavy-duty product.
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Baby Trend Breckenridge

At nearly one-fourth the cost of pricier brands, this triple stroller from Baby Trend can usually be found at discounters like Target and Babies'R'Us and is also readily available online. Aside from it's low price, there isn't a tremendous amount of information available about this tandem (inline) stroller. It appears that the front two seats offer a two-position recline, while the back seat (closest to the handlebar) offers three positions. But with a bargain basement price, it's sure to be a hit with parents of triplets. Please weigh in if you've used this stroller!
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RunAbout Triple Stroller

If you've ever seen a family with multiples in a RunAbout stroller, you probably took notice. The space age look makes quite an impression. RunAbout strollers are available in seat configurations from one to six and have earned acclaim for their high-quality construction, extreme durability and excellent resale value. Adjustable, reclining seats accommodate infants and toddlers from 10 pounds to 50 pounds. Streamlined design maneuvers easily through narrow doorways or rugged trails. Check The Triplet Connection for special pricing.

G3 Voyager

Available in the UK only, the G3 Voyager is a side-by-side model that converts from a twin to a triple stroller. All three seats are individually adjustable and fully recline. Even the footrests are adjustable. This stroller offers a lot of flexibility, accommodating newborns and toddlers, although exact weight specifications are unavailable. (Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued but you may be able to locate a secondhand model.)

Baby Jogger Q-Series Triple Jogger Stroller

Baby Jogger strollers appeal to active families. While the Q-Series is designed for use during exercise or in the great outdoors, many of its features make it an effective stroller for everyday use. Its simple set-up and fold-down configuration establishes it as one of the most portable triple strollers. Padded cushioning, individual reclining seats, ventilation and a sun canopy ensure a comfortable ride, even on long journeys, while parents appreciate Baby Jogger's reputation as a company committed to safety and quality.
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Two Plus One

Finally, another option to consider is to forgo a triple stroller and invest instead in a combination of a double stroller plus a single stroller. Here's one family's reasoning for choosing this strategy. I've received many emails from parents of triplets recommending the Valco Baby Twin Tri-Mode stroller with the additional toddler seat accessory. This would only be feasible for older babies who are able to sit in such a seat, but it is definitely an option worth exploring.
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What's Your Triplet Stroller Recommendation?

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