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Top 10 Side-by-Side Double Strollers for Twins


Updated May 22, 2014

The traditional style of double stroller for twins is a side-by-side double-wide stroller with two seats facing the same way, positioning both twins in an equal setting. This stroller style is often more compact and easier to store, but may be more difficult to manuever through narrow doorways or hallways. Is a side-by-side the right model for you? How to Choose a Double Stroller for Twins.

1. Combi Twin Sport

Combi Twin Sport Double Stroller
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
The Combi Twin Sport is a reasonably-priced double stroller with multi-position reclining seats. Strangely, despite being branded as a "twin" stroller, they only accommodate one infant carrier seat, on the left side. Hopefully Combi will expand this feature to produce a side-by-side stroller that also functions as a travel system, like the popular tandem models.
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2. Peg Perego Aria Twin

Peg Perego Aria Twin Side-by-Side Double Stroller for Twins
At 30" wide, the Aria claims to fit through most doorways while still providing comfortable space for two growing kids. At 14 pounds, it's a lightweight option with a convenient side carrying handle for transporting in and out of a vehicle. Seats recline individually, and each canopy is positionable and features a window.
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3. Maclaren Twin Triumph

Maclaren Twin Triumph Side-by-Side Double Stroller for Twins
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber.com.
Maclaren claims to have invented the umbrella stroller, and revolutionized the double stroller market in 1991 with the Duette model. Both the Twin Triumph and the upgraded Twin Techno (compare prices) models feature independently positioned seats and sun visors. Both are lightweight, weighing 21 and 25 pounds respectively, and offer storage baskets. However, these Maclaren products are only designed to hold children up to 66 pounds, not the 90 pounds advertised by competitors. **Note, Maclaren issued a recall on its double umbrella stroller products in November 2009 due to the risk of childrens' fingers being caught in the hinge. Click for more information and details on how to obtain a repair kit.
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4. Mountain Buggy Urban Double

This New Zealand company has won awards for design innovation and their products are valued for durability and versatility. Strollers are available in base, upgraded and designer models for parents who like options. A narrow profile (29" wide) and swivel wheels offer plenty of manueverability.
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5. Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller

The Chicco Trevi, along with the Chicco C5 (compare prices) feature an umbrella-style collapsing frame, however the Trevi is slightly less expensive. Two baskets underneath the frame provide ample storage space. Both have individually adjustable seats, canopies, leg rests and 5-point shoulder harnesses, but the Chicco C5 offers a sleeker profile, more padding, and a one-handed collapse operation.
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6. Kolcraft Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport

Kolcraft's umbrella-style double stroller is a great bargain, but probably best serves as a secondary or backup stroller as it lacks some of the amenities of other models. However, don't overlook the versatility of this stroller; both seats independently recline for use with infants, but also accommodate toddlers up to 35 pounds each. There's no storage basket, but gear bags hold some necessities, and while there is a drink holder for the "driver," the passengers will have to hold their own drinks.

7. Duo-SS Double Side-by-Side Stroller by Foundations

This mid-level model offers features like a foot brake and roomy storage basket, but the Duo-SS still lacks the level of luxury found on more expensive models. For example, there is a canopy, but it is windowless and ventless. At 33" wide, it is not the narrowest option on the market, but should fit through most doorways.

8. Phil and Teds e3 Twin

Recalled Stroller: Phil & Teds e3 Twin Buggy
Photo reprinted with permission of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
This New Zealand company's products are sporty and sassy, with plenty of star power. Although earlier models were involved in a recall, the latest edition of the Phil and Teds e3 Twin has resolved the issues with the handlebar. With a width of 29", the profile easily fits through most doorways, yet is built sturdily to hold toddlers up to 88 pounds combined weight. Padded seats recline fully for infants, but can also be positioned for older children. Despite an alloy frame, it's heavier than some other strollers (weighing 36 pounds), but it remains a popular option for stylish parents.
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9. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini Double
Photo courtesy of BabyJogger.com.

Baby Jogger originated the design for high performance all-terrain fitness strollers, but their City line offers the more traditional styling of a side-by-side model with dual swivel wheels in the front. Their mid-price City Mini double is versatile in that it has a streamlined profile appropriate for everyday use around town, and can accommodate both infant twins (with the seats reclined) and older twins (up to 100 pounds combined weight). A one-handed fold-down operation and light weight makes this an excellent option for easy storage. Select models (compare prices) offer more features, such as the ability to use infant seats, but also carry a bigger price tag.

10. Graco DuoRider

The Graco brand is often identified with affordable baby products and the DuoRider is a solid selection for a side-by-side model. It's roomy enough to accommodate older children, yet maintains a 30" wide profile to easily fit through most doorways. Parents will appreciate the organizer with cupholder, as well as the washable seat padding and dual storage baskets. Removable arm bars add a measure of security but still provide easy access to stroller passengers.
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What's your favorite stroller?

What double stroller do you recommend -- or not recommend! -- for parents of twins? Please share your thoughts.
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