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Maclaren Double Strollers for Twins


Updated October 27, 2012

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Maclaren Strollers
Maclaren double strollers

Maclaren Double Strollers

Images courtesy of Maclaren.com and PriceGrabber.com

Maclaren strollers -- or buggies, as they are called in the UK where the company originated -- are well regarded for their sturdy construction and thoughtful features. Because of their steep price and popularity with celebrities and the well-to-do, they also have somewhat of a reputation as a snobby stroller. However, Maclaren offers two solid products in the category of double strollers, and many parents of twins find that the cost of a Maclaren stroller is justifiable, given that it meets their needs for a durable, efficient double stroller.

The Maclaren company was started by Owen Maclaren, a retired aeronautical engineer who was inspired by his baby granddaughter to design the first umbrella-style folding stroller in the 1960's. Maclaren products are recognized for their innovative features, such as the first fold-flat stroller, swivel front wheels, the Duette umbrella double stroller, designer-styled accessories, and a travel system style of stroller that incorporated an infant seat and a stroller.

In 2009, the company recalled all of its strollers after a dozen incidences of injury when fingers got caught in a hinge mechanism. The company issued a free repair kit for its products. (Read more about the recall at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website.) In 2011, Maclaren USA filed for bankruptcy, but its products are still widely available in the United States at retail outlets such as Babies'R'Us as well as online.

Maclaren offers two side-by-side style double strollers appropriate for twins: the Twin Techno and the Twin Triumph.

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