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Dilley Sextuplets


Updated November 14, 2008

Dilley sextuplets

The Dilley Sextuplets at age 14, shown with rappers Bow Wow and Omarion at MTV's TRL show.

Scott Gries / Getty Images


Brenna, Julian, Quinn, Claire, Ian, and Adrian


May 25, 1993


Indiannapolis, Indiana

Birth Info:

The four boys and two girls were born healthy at nearly 31 weeks. They remained hospitalized for about three months.

Family Info:

Parents Keith and Becki Dilley were high school sweethearts. After battling infertility for five years, Becki took a powerful drug called Perganol and conceived sextuplets. Throughout the pregnancy, they thought that there were only five babies; the sixth was discovered at delivery.

More Info:

The Dilley's were the first set of surviving sextuplets born in the United States.

Books, TV and Movies:

There are two books about the Dilley family: a children's book called Sixty Fingers, Sixty Toes (compare prices) and Special Delivery (compare prices). They have also been featured on Primetime Live with frequent updates over the years. An ABC-TV movie called Half a Dozen Babies was aired in 1999.

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