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Supertwins like quintuplets and sextuplets bring unique challenges to families. Parents of these higher order multiples share support and interesting facts about life with five or six babies.

Conway Sextuplets - Irish Sextuplets
Profile of Conway sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Conway family in 2009 and Great Britian's only Irish sextuplets.

Masche Sextuplets
Profile of Masche sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Masche family in 2007 and featured in the television show Raising Sextuplets.

Hayes Sextuplets
Profile of Hayes sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Hayes family in 2004.

Quintuplets > Quints
General information about quintuplets, sets of five multiples, also called quints.

General information about sextuplets, sets of six multiples, a type of extreme mutiple birth.

Byler Sextuplets
Profile of Byler sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Byler family in Florida in 2007.

Carpio Sextuplets
Profile of Carpio sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Carpio family of Queens, New York in 2008.

Dilley Sextuplets
Profile of Dilley sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Dilley family in .

Gosselin Sextuplets
Profile of Gosselin sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Gosselin family in Pennsylvania in 2004 and featured on the television program Jon and Kate Plus Eight about a family with twins and sextuplets.

Harris Sextuplets
Profile of Harris sextuplets, six sextuplet babies born to the Harris family in Alabama in 2002.

Mothers of Supertwins (MOST) Online
Mothers of triplets will find support and resources through M.O.S.T. A network of local coordinators in forty-four states and several countries provides an opportunity for socialization and support.

Triplets, Quads & Quints Association
This organization, originally based in Canada, is for parents of triplets, quadruplets and other supertwins. It provides a network for sharing advice and information, and has recently broadened its membership to a worldwide community.

World Sextuplets
Would you believe there are over a hundred instances of sextuplets worldwide? Many of the details are sketchy, but this still remains a comprehensive recording of an amazing phenomenon in multiple birth.

Facts About Quintuplets
An updated list of quintuplets throughout the world chronicles the birth of over 700 sets of five babies. It provides details such as the names and sex of each child, as well as notations of historical relevance.

The Gosselin Six
Jon and Kate Gosselin were already the parents of twin girls when they discovered they were expecting sextuplets in the fall of 2003. The babies (Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel) were born in May 2004 in Pennsylvania.

Dilley Sextuplets
The "Dilley Sixpack," as they are referred to in the media, are perhaps America's best known sextuplets. This site provides articles and video clips of the children as they grown from infants to first graders.

Hanselman Sextuplets
Jennifer Hanselman gave birth to sextuplets in February 2004 in Ohio. The babies, born at 28 1/2 weeks were able to leave the hospital later that spring. Their names are: Lucy Arlene, Isabella Jean, Logan James, Alex Edwin, Kyle Allen and Sophia Ivy.

Harris Sextuplets
Alabama's first sextuplets were born in the summer of 2002. The Harris sextuplets -- Kiera Christine, Kalynne Antoinett, Kaleb Reddrick, Kobe Byshari, Kieran Anthony and Kyle Jacob -- were the first recorded set of surviving African-American sextuplets. They were featured on the popular show "Extreme Home Makeover" in 2005.

The Hayes Sextuplets
Born in September, 2004, the Hayes sextuplets were the first surviving set of sextuplets born in New Jersey. This site provides information and a few photos of the three boys and three girls.

The Shier Quintuplets
Born in 1996, the Shier quints of California are featured in this home page. Read the story of Rachel, Sarah, Hannah, Joshua & Jonathan and sign up for their newsletter and email updates.

The Stevenson Quintuplets
Aniston, Belle, Camilee, Scarlett and Westin Stevenson were the first quintuplets in western Washington state when they were born in March 2006.

Van Houten Six
The Van Houten sextuplets -- John, Gerrit, Samantha, Nolan, Peyton and Kennedy -- were born over the course of several days in Janaury, 2004 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a very well-done site with lots of updates about the babies' progress, pictures of the babies, and background about the family.

Wells Quintuplets
The Wells family welcomed five babies in December 1999. Read their story and explore the online photo album that introduces several other families with quintuplets.

The Whalen Quintuplets
Each of the five have their own page at this site; Ben, Mary Kate, Grace, Emma and Alex Whalen are depicted in lovely photographs with individual stories.

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