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Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples

When to Plan a Shower for Twins/Multiples


Updated April 17, 2014

Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

One special consideration for moms of multiples is the timing of a shower. While the traditional time for a shower is during the third trimester, that might not be the best option for a mom of twins, triplets or more who is more likely to deliver earlier than a singleton mom. She also may be encumbered by bed rest or other mobility restrictions later in her pregnancy.

Schedule a baby shower early enough in the third trimester so that the guest of honor is still comfortable and active. For moms of twins, aim for an event prior to the 36th week of pregnancy, and avoid planning events for moms of triplets or more after thirty weeks.

If the babies arrive early, or even if they’re right on time, there’s nothing wrong with having a baby shower after they’re born. In some ways, it’s more practical; parents will have a more realistic grasp about their needs and wants.

The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

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