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Games, Polls and Quizzes About Twins / Multiples

Find out what life is like for other families with twins or higher order multiples. Poll questions about stroller style, family life, and pregnancy signs address some of the major issues faced by parents of twins or multiples. Test your knowledge with quizzes about multiple birth.
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Moms of Multiples - You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When
Moms of twins and multiples offer humorous comments on how they define and identify themselves as moms of multiples.

You Know You're a Mom of Multiples When...
Moms of twins and multiples offer humorous comments on how they define and identify themselves as moms of multiples.

Quiz: Could It Be Twins (Or More?)
Am I having twins? Expectant mothers often wonder if they are having more than one baby during their pregnancy. Take the quiz to see if you are having twins.

Twin Game: Twin Matching Game
Play the Twin Match Game. Find the matching sets of twins in this classic game of concentration and memory.

Lookalikes: Who's the Most Identical?
Who is the most alike? Vote for the most identical twins in this photo poll of identical twins.

Quiz: Twin Trivia
How much do you know about twins and multiple birth? If you're a parent of twins or other multiples, you may think you're an expert! Test your knowledge of twin trivia by answering these questions. Hint: All of the answers are contained in articles throughout the site. Do some research reading to find the facts!

Quiz: Twin Type ... Identical or Fraternal?
What can you tell about twins just by looking at them? Can you guess their twin type from a picture? Check out these pictures of twins and see if you can tell whether they are fraternal (dizygotic) or identical (monozygotic).

Poll: Twin Pregnancy Symptoms
Do women who are expecting twins or multiples experience special signs or symptoms? The answer may surprise you. Take the poll and find out.

Potty Training Twins Poll
What's the best time to potty train twins? Consult the consensus reflected in this poll from parents of twins.

Poll: Age of Twins/Multiples
Who's here? Help me target the site to your needs by telling me about yourself and your multiples. Start with this poll that lets me know how old your twins/multiples are.

Poll: Bed Rest During Pregnancy With Multiples
Mothers who are pregnant with twins, triplets, quadruplets or higher order multiples are more likely to face a period of bed rest during their pregnant. See what the visitors to our site said about their bed rest experience.

Poll: Birth Experience (How did you deliver your twins/multiples?)
How were your twins/multiples delivered? If you think most multiples arrive by c-section, you may be surprised by how moms of multiples answered this question.

Poll: Breastfeeding Twins/Multiples
Did you breastfeed your twins/multiples? Share your experience with nursing in this poll.

Poll: Will You Let Your Twins Have a Cell Phone?
When I was a teenager, it was a big deal to have a phone extension in my room for private conversations. Now teens, tweens, and even younger kids have their own cell phones. What about your family?

Poll: Diaper Decision
It used to be that there was one option for diapering a baby: cloth diapers. Then disposable diapers offered a quicker, cleaner alternative. However, some parents are opposed to the costs -- both environmental and economic. What about you? How did you decide the diaper dilemma when it came to your twins/multiples?

Poll: Dressing Twins/Multiples Alike
Some do it because it's cute. Some don't because it's damaging to multiples' sense of self. Parents of twins and higher order multiples weigh in on the issue of dressing double.

Poll: Do Your Twins Have the Same Friends?
Friendships are an important part of a child's social development and parents have a responsibility to help their children develop healthy relationships. Some twins and multiples share friends, while others seek out individual relationships.

Poll: Gift-Giving Preferences
Choosing gifts for twins, triplets and other multiples can be tricky. Should they all get the same thing, or one big gift that they can share? Parents of multiples express their preferences in this poll about choosing gifts for their multiple birth children.

Poll: Hand Preference: Right Handed or Left Handed?
Are your twins right handed or left handed? Twins and other multiples often have interesting preferences!

Poll: How Alike Are Your Twins?
Many people have a stereotype that being a twin means being alike. Parents of twins and multiples know that this isn't necessarily so; twins are individuals. However, many twins share similar characteristics, from physical appearance to personality to preferences. What about your twins?

Poll: Using Leashes & Safety Harnesses with Twins/Multiples
Some people use safety harnesses to protect their active twin toddlers from wandering off. Other families think that "leashes" are for dogs only. What do you think?

Poll: Marriage With Multiples
Having twins or higher order multiples can put a big strain on a marriage. This poll examines the impact of multiples on marriage -- does it draw couples together or push them apart?

Poll: Names for Twins/Multiples
Choosing names is the first step that parents of multiples take in establishing their twins' identities. What was your strategy in selecting names?

Poll: Parental Age When Having Multiples
How old were you when you had your twins/multples? Statistics show that more multiples are born to mothers over 35. Find out if our poll results show confirm that theory.

Poll: Postpartum Depression After Twins/Multiples
Moms of multiples discuss their postpartum experience after having twins or higher order multiples. This poll examines whether moms of multiples experience an increased rate of PPD and whether they seek treatment for the condition.

Poll; Preeclampsia and Multiple Birth
Preeclampsia effects one in three moms of multiples during their pregnancy with twins, triplets or more. What was your experience?

Poll: Pregnancy Pounds -- How much weight did you gain?
How much weight did you gain during your twin pregnancy? The average weight gain for one baby is 25 pounds -- did you double that with two?

Poll: Is Having Twins the Same as Having Two Singletons?
Parents of twins hear it all the time ... "Oh, I had my kids thirteen months apart. It was just like having twins." Do you agree with this statement?

Poll: Schedules
Many parents of multiples find that the secret to sanity is developing a schedule. Yet, others decry this method, claiming that babies should eat when they're hungry and sleep when they're tired, based on their own individual needs, whether or not it coincides with their co-multiples' schedule. What's your strategy?

Poll: Sharing a Room
From wombmates to roommates... Whether due to space constraints or a desire for comforting companionship, many twins, triplets and other multiples share a bedroom. What about your family?

Poll: Do Your Twins Play the Same Sports?
Sports and activities are an important part of many children's lives. For twins and multiples, it can be an opportunity to cultivate individual interests, or to channel their sense of competition into performance success. What about your family?

Poll: Do Your Babies Watch TV?
Do your babies watch TV? While some parenting experts warn against watching any television for the two-and-under set, parents of multiples (the real experts!) realize that sometimes a little TV time is the only way they can get things done. What do you think?

Poll: When Did You Deliver?
Many twins and especially higher order multiples are born earlier than their 40-week due date. A common question for parents of twins and multiples is, "How many weeks were they?" This poll indicates parents' birth experience, from premature babies prior to 28 weeks to postterm babies born after their due date.

Poll: Signs of Multiple Pregnancy
Do mothers of multiples experience special signs or symptoms during their pregnancy that indicate they are carrying more than one?

Poll: Speech Delays in Twins/Multiples
Many twins and other multiples experience delays in speech and language development. Were your children effected by speech delays?

The Stroll Poll: Stroller Style
Stroller style is one of the most hotly debated issues in the multiples community. Find out what parents of twins prefer -- tandem or side-by-side.

Poll: How did your twin/multiple pregnancy affect your work?
During their twin/multiple pregnancy, many moms find that they can not keep up with their normal work schedule. Some find creative ways to work around their pregnancy while others find that having a job and being pregnant with two or more just doesn't work out.

Poll: What's the Worst Thing About Being Pregnant with Twins/Multiples
There are many ways that being pregnant with more than one baby is more intense than a singleton pregnancy. What's the worst aspect for expectant moms of twins or more?

Poll: Zygosity Poll
It's one of the first questions that people ask about twins: are they identical or fraternal? It's not always an easy question to answer, as many parents don't know for sure. Zygosity is the term used to describe twintype. Most people describe twins as "fraternal" and "identical," but the more accurate terms are monozygotic and dizygotic. What about your multiples?

Quiz: Famous Fathers of Multiples
There have been some famous -- and infamous! -- fathers of twins throughout history. Test your knowledge in this trivia quiz featuring double-duty dads.

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