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Pictures of Twins That Are Two Years Old


Updated February 13, 2009

Some call it the "terrible twos" while others deem it the "terrific twos." Either way, the age of two is an interesting time, saying goodbye to babyhood, moving out of toddlerhood, yet not quite ready to run with the big kids. Whether terrible or terrific, two-year-old twins are a force to be reckoned with. You'll find that the photos in this gallery are some of the most entertaining anywhere, as two-year-olds are often engaged in antics. It's much more fun to be two when there are two of you!
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Emily and IanEmily and IanBrianna and BaileyBrianna and BaileyDylan and JacksonDylan and JacksonGabrielle and AlexaGabrielle and Alexa
Elijah and EthanElijah and EthanSkylar and SummerSkylar and SummerSummer and SkylarSummer and SkylarJacob and OwenJacob and Owen
Andrew C. Wilson and Austin J. WilsonAndrew C. Wilson and Austin J. WilsonDerek and Shawn RasizerDerek and Shawn RasizerJulia and NataliaJulia and NataliaVarshitha and VyshanaviVarshitha and Vyshanavi
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