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Top 8 Holiday Hazards in Homes with Twins/Multiples


Updated December 06, 2008

Ahhh, the holidays! In homes with twins or other multiples, it's a season of doubled excitement and doubled joy, but also doubled trouble! Despite parents' best childproofing efforts, the hectic holiday time brings new dangers and hidden hazards. Here are some tips to help you avoid accidents, injuries and other disasters so that you can enjoy the holidays with your twins, triplets or multiples.

1. The Tree

The Christmas tree can present a huge challenge for parents of curious young multiples. It's easy enough to keep one toddler out of the branches, but a tag team of two, three or four is impossible to outwit. There are two big concerns in tree safety: toppling and fire.

2. The Lights

Oh so pretty! The sparkle of holiday lights is a true symbol of the season. Adorning trees indoors and outdoors, toddler multiples are fascinated by lights and are drawn to them just like moths to flames. How could something so pretty present so many risks? Find out how to ensure your lights are hung safely.

3. The Ornaments

Is there any way for those precious ornaments and your precious children to co-exist peacefully in the same house? Protect both your heirlooms and your heirs with these safety tips for ornaments.

4. The Toys

Oh the joy of new toys at the holidays! The last thing you want is for your gift to be a danger to the children you love. Discover the hidden dangers in some of today's most popular playthings.

5. The Candles

So many winter fire accidents can be attributed to careless use of candles. Is there any way to use them safely in a home with young twins or triplets? Yes, if you are aware of the hidden hazards and follow these guidelines.

6. The Holiday Food

Hopefully your biggest food hazard during the holidays is avoiding weight gain, and not a foodborne illness! Children's untested digestive systems are particularly susceptible to illness. Find out what holiday foods are safe, and how to protect your kids from unsafe foods at parties and holiday meals.

7. The Packages and Wrapping

We all laugh when children prefer to play with the package or the wrapping rather than the well-chosen gift inside the box. But did you ever think that the wrapping might actually be dangerous for your twins or multiples?

8. The Plants & Greenery

Colorful plants are wonderful to give and get during the holidays. But do they put your twins at risk? Find out if the poinsettia truly deserves its poisonous reputation and whether that kissing mistletoe is actually a killer.

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