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How to Have Twins: Reader Submissions -- Took Birth Control Pills

Reader Submissions: Got Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control Pills


Updated January 25, 2006

"My husband and I decided that I would discontinue the use of oral birth control and try to concieve. The first month after I stopped taking "the pill" I got pregnant. It was thirteen days after my first cycle had ended. I knew almost immediatly that we were pregnant. I think it was about five days before my cycle should have started that I took a home pregnancy test. It was positive!! We were elated!! At seven and a half weeks pregnant, we went to the docotor to have an ultrasound, low and behold, it showed TWINS!! They don't run in either family, so needless to say, it was a huge shock. That's when I was told that as soon as you stop taking the pill, you are at higher risk of convieving multiples. Now that my fraternal twin boys are three months old, looking back, we would not have done anything different. They are WONDERFUL!!" -- Amanda

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