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Top 10 Tips for Photographing Twins/Multiples


Updated June 17, 2009

Having your twins or multiples professionally photographed is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your children. The process is expensive, however, so you'll want to be sure that you make the most of your photography session. Professional photographer, Joe Moss of Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializes in capturing pictures of children and offers these tips for parents. (Visit Joe's website at http://www.mossatthebeach.com/ to see his work.)

1. Consult Before You Choose.

Check out the photographer beforehand. Look for professionals certified or registered with a professional trade association, for example, the Virginia Professional Photographers Association or other regional organizations. Make an appointment for a consultation before the actual session to discuss your expectations, attire, location and other details. Ask to view samples of his work and references from previous clients.

2. Coordinate Clothing.

Choose coordinating outfits for your children in advance, taking into consideration the background or location of the photo shoot. Bright colors or busy patterns can detract from your children's expressions; your photographer can suggest colors and styles that will be most photogenic, but remember that you also want your children to feel comfortable and to look like "themselves" in the picture.

3. Get Dressed On Location.

Get dressed at the photographer's shop, or at the location where the children will be photographed. That reduces the chances of spills, tumbles or other accidents that could spoil the look. However, there are some grooming tips that you can take care of in advance. Try on clothing in advance to ensure that the clothing fits well and looks good before the session. Get hair cuts one to two weeks prior, not the day of the session. Trim nails in case hands are visible in the shot.

4. The Children Are in Charge!

During a photography session, no matter what, the children are in charge. If you want a good outcome, you have to follow their cues. A good photographer will encourage their cooperation without overwhelming them.

5. Schedule Appropriately.

No one wants their picture taken when they're hungry or tired. Schedule your photo session to coincide with your twins' peak portion of the day. Avoid nap times and meal times. It is usually not a good idea to photograph on a day when the routines are not "normal."

6. Meet Their Needs.

Make sure that your twins are well fed and well rested before the photo session. If they are toilet-trained, have a potty break before you get started. Bring along some familiar toys or books to get them entertained while they wait, and be sure to have some comfort items handy, such as a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or pacifier.

7. Make It Fun.

Try to have fun. A good photographer will let you know what role you will play during the session. If you are enjoying yourself, your children will follow your cue, and you're more likely to capture genuine smiles in the photographs.

8. Stay Relaxed.

Stay relaxed -- all day! If you are stressed, the children will feel it and respond accordingly. Kids do not understand the importance -- or the cost -- of professional photography. Your attitude goes a long way in reassuring them about the experience, especially if it's new to them.

9. Be Flexible.

Reschedule the photography session if any one is out of sorts or not feeling well. A professional photographer will work with you if you need to reschedule.

10. Together and Separate.

Consider individual photographs of each multiple. Although they are absolutely adorable as a group, you may want to preserve their image as individuals as well. Your photographer will advise you as to the best way to capture their individual personalities in a photograph.

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