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Indoor Fun with Twins/Multiples: Fort-i-fied!

Part 3: Make a Hideaway


Updated February 05, 2008

Indoor Fun with Twins/Multiples: Fort-i-fied!

What can we make with this?

There is nothing that kids love more than being in their own private hideaway haven. And there's nothing more fun that crafting it yourself in the comfort of your own home by building an indoor fort. This is a wonderful indoor activity that will provide many happy memories, especially if mom and dad participate in the building and actually spend some time in the hideaway. Here are some tips for making unforgettable forts:

  • Designate a specific construction area. If your multiples are old enough to build the fort themselves, give them specific instructions about what areas and materials are off limits.
  • Start with a sturdy base so that the entire structure doesn't come crashing down on your heads. The dining room table, a large cardboard box (preferably refrigerator size!) or an existing play hut or house are good starts. A camping tent (if it's accessible and easy to set up) makes a wonderful indoor fort. You can also create a structure by draping blankets over the backs of chairs.
  • Decide if you'll build a communal fort or if each multiple requires their own space. With twins, you never know when they'll want their own identity and when they'll find it more fun to share. If your resources are sparse, consider separate areas within a common fort.
  • Provide plenty of soft quilts and pillows (my daughters love to use the sofa cushions to bolster the walls of their creations.)
  • Flashlights really heighten the fun! Give each child their own flashlight to play with in the fort.
  • If it's feasible, provide a non-messy snack and let the children eat in their fort. My girls still talk about the "picnic" they had in our living room one time. It was only carrot sticks and cheese slices, but it was better than any gourmet feast because they ate it inside the coccoon of blankets draped over the coffee table.
  • Extend the magic by furnishing the fort with lots of accessories. If age appropriate, a boom box can provide a soundtrack, playing favorite songs or read-along books. No fort should be without a collection of favorite stuffed animals. And, if you've provided flashlights or other ample lighting, a fort is a great place to snuggle together and read away the afternoon.

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