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Disicipline for Parents of Multiples

Discipline can be a particularly difficult issue for families with twins, triplets, quadruplets or other multiples. Here are some suggestions and strategies for keeping the peace and managing your multiples' behavior.

Dealing with Dawdlers - Five Ways to Discourage Your Multiples from Dawdling
Help defeat dawdling multiples with these tips for parents of twins or more. Dawdling is a typpical preschool behavior, but parents can discourage their children from dawdling with these strategies.

Twin Escalation Syndrome
Are your multiples afflicted with Twin Escalation Syndrome? Though it's the children that exhibit the symptoms, it is the parents who suffer the effects. Find out what causes this condition and what families with multiples can do to reduce flare-ups.

Discipline Times Two
After discovering discipline challenges that parents of singletons never experienced, mothers of twins become ingenious in their strategies for managing childrens' behavior. Here are there suggestions.

Biting Twins
Do you have a problem with biting twins? Parents of twins are multiples find out why babies and toddlers bite, and how to stop their children from biting.

Disciplining Twins
No matter what method of discipline you employ, there are some basic guidelines that will support your efforts. These simple tips will ensure that disciplinary actions are more effective for both parents and children.

Handling Sibling Rivalry
Many behavior issues are related to rivalry or competition among multiples who seem born to bicker. This article includes useful behavior management strategies as well as an explanation of the root of the problem.

Limit Setting With Twins
Children -- including twins and multiples -- need limits in order to be safe and to feel safe. Setting appropriate limits can be a challenge for parents of twins and multiples. Here's some advice.

Making Time Outs Work
Many families employ time outs as a discipline strategy, especially since separating multiples from each other can be very effecting in controlling behavior. Here are six secrets for making the most of this method.

Going Crazy with Twins
How can a mother keep her twins out of trouble without losing her sanity? Parenting columnist Erica Lutz's advice is short on specifics, but reassuring nonetheless.

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