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Dads with Their Multiples: Twins and Triplets


Updated June 11, 2010

Happy Father's Day! To honor dads of multiples around the world, I've compiled this photo gallery featuring some special dads along with their twins and triplets. Click on a link to view the full-size photo and find out more about each family, including the multiples zygosity (indentical or fraternal).
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  1. Alex - Dad of Twins Kyle Ray and Kimi AmberAlex dad of twins Kyle Ray and Kimi Amber
  2. Michael - Dad of Twins Matthew and WilliamMichael dad of twins matthew william
  3. Maher - Dad of Twins Leila and RahulMaher dad of twins Leila and Rahul
  4. Russell - Dad of twins Alexa and LeahRussell dad of twins Alexa Leah
  5. Paul - Dad of Twins Charlotte and HannahPaul dad of twins Charlotte and Hannah
  6. Chad - Dad of Olivia and SophiaChad dad of Olivia and Sophia
  7. Alex and Leo Alex and Leo
  8. Evin and GarrikEvin and Garrik
  9. Twin Girls with DadTwin girls with Dad
  10. Sophia and GabrielSophia and Gabriel
  11. Sierra and CheyenneSierra, Daddy, Cheyenne
  12. Brian - Dad of Triplets Brandon, Carson and AustinBrandon, Carson and Austin
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