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Before You Buy a Crib for Twins


Updated April 30, 2014

Cribs are one of the first big purchases that parents of twins will buy for their babies. But parents may have many questions before they buy cribs for their twins.

How Many Cribs Should We Buy for Twins?

Just because you are having twins doesn't mean that you need two of everything. Parents may be able to get buy with one crib - at least initially. Before you buy two cribs for twins, find out whether a single crib will work for your family.

Are There Cribs Made Just for Twins?

There are some specialty options for double cribs for twin, although they may be more expensive and harder to obtain. Here is a review of the available information regarding cribs for twins.

What Should We Look for in a Crib?

A crib is an investment. Not only are cribs an expensive purchase, but your babies will spend a great deal of time sleeping in their cribs. Be sure that you purchase a safe, comfortable crib that is a good value.

Where Should We Put the Cribs?

Should your twins share a room? Every family will have to make this decision, starting with where they will locate the cribs for the twins. There are advantages and disadvantages to have two cribs in the same room.

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