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Updated November 11, 2007


Lakshmi, named after the Hindu goddess she somewhat resembled with her four arms and four legs.

Birthdate :

Estimated in Fall of 2005.


From a small village in the district of Araria, located on the border of Nepal, in Bihar.

Type of Twin:

Ischiopagus conjoined twin. Lakshmi was born fused at the pelvis with a parasitic twin that did not fully develop. Two pairs of arms and legs formed at either end of the two adjoining torsos, creating a child with 8 limbs. The parasitic twin had absorbed some of her organs,


After surgery on November 6, 2007, Lakshmi was doing very well. During the twenty-four-hour surgery, the extra limbs were removed, a kidney was transplated from the parasitic twin, and her pelvic area was reconstructed. She should not require additional surgery, except perhaps to correct a club foot. She is expected to lead a normal life.

Surgical Team:

Dr. Sharan Patil of Sparsh Hospital in Bangladore, India led a team of surgical specialists, including:
Pediatric Surgeons: Dr. Ashley D'Cruz, Dr. Sanjay Rao & Dr Deepti
Neurosurgeons: Dr. Thimappa Hegde, supported by Dr. Praveen and Dr. Bopanna
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons: Dr. Ashok Raj Koul, assisted by Dr. Prashant
Anesthesia & Intensive Care: Led by Dr. Yohannan John and supported by Dr. Asha Kiran, Dr. Sharanu Patil and Dr. Ravi. Orthopedic Surgeons: Headed by Dr. Sharan Patil, supported by Dr. Gowri Shankar and Dr. Chandrashekar.

Other Info:

Lakshmi has an older brother, Mithilesh. She was born in her mother's home village without any medical supervision. With her eight limbs, she was sometimes referred to as the "octopus" girl.

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