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Trishna and Krishna


Updated February 22, 2011


Krishna, August 2009

Photo reprinted with permission of Royal Children's Hospital.

Twins' names:

Trishna and Krishna


December 12, 2006


Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the twins have been in Australia since November, 2007.

Type of Conjoined Twins:

joined at the back of the skull

Separation Date:

The twins were separated in a series of operations to disconnect the shared tissue and blood vessels in their heads. The final surgery took place November 16-17, 2009.

Separation Location:

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Separation Team:

Numerous professionals were involved in the extensive process of separating the twins, including: Wirginia Maixner - director neurosurgery
Alison Wray, neurosurgeon
Andrew Greensmith, plastic surgeon
Tony Holmes, plastic surgeon
David Chong, plastic surgeon
Ian McKenzie, director anaesthesiology and pain management
Andrew Davidson, senior anaesthetist
Anaesthetic technicians
Operating theatre nursing staff

Status and Updates:

Although originally given only a 25% chance of surviving separation, the twins surprised everyone with their resilience during recovery. They were well enough to leave the hospital before their third birthday in December 2009. They are not expected to sustain any permanent neurological damage. Krishna, who was the weaker of the two sisters twins, continues to have a tracheotomy and can't talk. The girls live with their guardian, Moira Kelly, founder of the Children First Foundation.
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