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Tatiana and Krista Hogan


Updated March 27, 2013

Twins' Names:

Tatiana and Krista Hogan


October 25, 2006. The combined weight of the girls at birth was more than 12 pounds and they were very healthy at birth, functioning like normal babies born at 34 weeks' gestation.

Type of Conjoined Twins:

Craniopagus. The girls' heads are fused at the back and the side. They have two separate brain stems, but share two lobes.


Born at BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mother is from Vernon, British Columbia.

Other Family Information:

Mom, Felicia Simms, purportedly breastfed the babies. The twenty-one-year-old mother has two other children. Mom and babies appeared on the Tyra Banks Show in February 2007. The girls were the first conjoined twins born in British Columbia since 1978.


The girls were released from the hospital and returned home to Vernon on December 14, 2006. They are being cared for at home by their mother with help from father, Brendan Hogan and aunt, Rhea Simms. In the summer of 2007, it was determined that they could not be separated without killing or paralyzing one of the girls. In 2010, a National Geographic Channel special featured the girls, and their unique connection. Because the girls share a thalamus, an organ in the middle of the brain, they experience each other's sensations.

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