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Parasitic Twin Profile: Manar Maged


Updated March 27, 2006


Manar Maged


March 30, 2004.



Type of Twin:

craniopagus parasiticus


A thirteen-hour surgery was performed on February 19, 2005 in Cairo, Egypt to remove the attached head. The girl was released from intensive care in March 2005. She passed away from a brain infection shortly before her second birthday on March 25, 2006.

Surgical Center:

Benha Children's Hospital, north of Cairo, Egypt.

More Information About Manar Manged:

Craniopagus parasiticus results when one part of a set of conjoined twins fails to develop. As a result, Manar Maged was born with a second head attached at the skull to her own. While the head could blink and smile, it was not capable of independent life. The weight of the appendage would prevent Manar from crawling or sitting upright, prompting surgeons to remove it when she was ten-months-old.

In order to remove the head, which shared a blood vessel with Manar's brain, the surgeons cut off the blood supply to Manar's head. Fortunately, the risky procedure did not caue a fatal surge of blood to her heart. Manar's prognosis is good. Following surgery, she showed no signs of paralysis and could move all of her limbs. Doctors will monitor her recovery for other signs of brain damage.

After the initial surger, Manar developed hydrocephaly, an accumulation of fluid in her brain. A second operation was performed to drain the fluid.

Manar appeared with her mother on the Oprah Show and was featured on television shows such as Channel 4's Bodyshock: Born With Two Heads.

Manar Maged died from a brain infection on March 25, 2006 after being admitted to a hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

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