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Top 10 Nursing Necessities for Moms Who Breastfeed Twins or Mult


Updated January 08, 2010

Breastfeeding twins or multiples isn't impossible, but it can be challenging. These nursing accessories may prove helpful for moms of multiples who wish to nurse their twins, triplets or more.

1. Boppy Pillow

Use a boppy pillow to position and support your babies when nursing them both simultaneously. The U-shaped cushion fits around your waist, positioning the babies at the correct height for nursing to prevent strain and fatigue in your arms and back.
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2. Deluxe Breast Pump

Moms of multiples need a heavy-duty breast pump to keep up with the demands of nursing two or more babies. This hospital-grade model simulates the sensation of a nursing infant, has a double pump accessory kit to pump both breasts simultaneously, and operates at high-efficiency with an A/C adapter or battery pack.
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3. Nursing Pads

Breastfeeding can create an embarrassing problem - leakage. use nursing pads to prevent leaks from seeping through your clothes, and also to protect sensitive nipples. Disposable pads are more convenient for busy moms of multiples; it's one less thing to launder.
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4. Nursing Bra

Your pre-pregnancy bras just won't accommodate your breasts now that you're nursing. Get a nursing bra for support and comfort, as well as easy access to your breasts when it's feeding time.
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5. Nursing Shirts

Outfit yourself for breastfeeding success with shirts and tops designed especially for nursing moms. Available in a wide variety of styles, they allow easy but discrete access to breasts come feeding time. Be wary when shopping, however; look for tops that allow a double exposure if you're planning to nurse both babies simultaneously.
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6. Reading Material

Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada
Photo provided by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada.
Karen Kerkhoff Gromada's book, "Mothering Multiples," has long been regarded as a valuable resource for nursing moms. The new edition, released in 2007, gives lots of supportive and helpful advice. You can also find support and information online. Stop by the message forum to connect with other nursing moms of multiples, or browse the resources on this site.
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7. Nipple Cream

Keep yourself comfortable by having a soothing nipple cream on hand for those times when nursing hurts. You're more likely to stick with breastfeeding if you can keep your breasts in shape. A nipple cream containing natural lanolin will help prevent or treat soreness, dryness and chapping.
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8. Bottles

Bottles may seem like an odd recommendation for breastfeeding moms, but many moms of multiples acknowledge that they can be very handy. Use them to collect and store breast milk for those times when mom needs a break. The Avent bottle system features a nipple style that most closely resembles nursing, to avoid the potential for nipple confusion.
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9. Nursing Stool

A comfortable nursing position is essential to ensuring breastfeeding success. A nursing stool, along with a comfortable chair, situates mom in an ergonomic position, reducing stress and strain on her back and legs, and can be especially helpful for a mom who is nursing after a C-section or episiotomy.
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10. Mother's Minder Bracelet

One of the trickiest part of managing newborn multiples is keeping track of who did what and when. A Mother's Minder bracelet can be a helpful way for nursing moms to keep track of their feeding schedule. Available in blue or pink, you'll need one for each baby. A slider on the bracelet allows you to designate the timing of your baby's feedings.

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