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Parenting Multiples Blogs: Blogs from Parents of Twins, Triplets

Join the online conversation with blogs - online journals - from parents of twins, triplets and multiples. Have a blog that you'd like to add to my list? Contact me: multiples@aboutguide.com.

How Do You Do It?
A compilation of posts from a dozen moms of multiples. Though the change in voice can be confusing, it's also fun to experience the variety of perspectives. Regular features include Q&A posts on Wednesdays, product reviews on weekends and "Foodie Fridays" where they address topics related to feeding their kids.

The Joys of Twins
Dawn started her blog in 2006 when she was a new mom of twin boys. Interesting perspectives and a clean style make it noteworthy.

Brad and Jen Murray detail their multiple birth pregnancy, beginning with an ultrasound picture of what they believed to be triplets, but actually turned out to be quadruplets, including monoamniotic twin boys.

Laura's Mommy Journal
Laura rants and raves about motherhood and her fraternal twin boys Nate and Alex.

Blogtime in Twin Town
Parents of identical twin boys created Blogtime in Twin Town to "keep in touch and to share our pictures, our rants, our raves, and our thoughts about our journey.." Videos and lots of cute pictures make the journey worth watching.

Twice Babies Mom
A mom of twins blogs about raising twin babies.

Got Triplets? Our Life with Triplet Girls
A family with toddler triplet girls documents their development with pictures and videos. There's minimal text to read, and the dense graphics can be slow to load, but the cutie-pies in the pictures make it worth the wait.

Susan Heim on Parenting
Susan M. Heim is an author and editor, specializing in parenting, multiples, women’s and Christian issues.

The Twinkies
Lots of cute photos adorn this blog written by Stacie, a mom of boy/girl twins.

The Boys: Raising Identical Twins
Twinsmom blogs about raising identical twin boys born in January 2007.

Quintuplet Dad
Jayson Wilkinson's quintuplets were born in the summer of 2007. This blog describes the pregnancy, birth and life with five babies.

My Diary of Triplet Fatherhood
A well-written dialogue from a dad of triplet girls, updated regularly since the girls' first ultrasound scan in February 2005.

Dad of Twins: Tired, Tired, Tired....
This is a diary of Dad's experience raising twin boys, Sean and Ryan since August 2004. It documents the daily struggles, joys, and humdrum of everyday life in North New Jersey.

The Twins of the Father
A father of twin girls who was a twin himself writes this blog with the aim "to share the fun and gain enough perspective to avoid losing my marbles completely because they won’t stop messing about and just PUT THOSE BLOODY TIGHTS ON!!!"

The Gharaiblets
The story of a Michigan family who had triplets, detailing the pregnancy, preterm birth and NICU stay of the babies. Lots of fun pictures and details about the babies.

Online Triplets
Traces the adventure of having triplets, beginning with pregnancy. Regular updates since January 2005.

Tess's Little Pieces
The journal of a Hong Kong mom of four, including triplets born in 2004.

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