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Quiz: Is it Twins? Could It Be Twins (Or More!)?
Is it twins? Assess your chances of having twins.
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"By the time I started my 4th month, I looked like I was 9 mos. pregnant with swollen ankles of a 80 yr. old woman."
-- spedmjr07

"My pregnancy symptoms were very similar to my friends with singletons."
-- sherrie

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Is It Twins?

It happens to nearly every woman during her pregnancy. Some sign or indication causes her to pause and ponder, "Is it twins? Could I be having twins? Or MORE?" Perhaps you have some reason to believe you're having more than one baby, such as enhanced symptoms, a family history, or fertility treatment. Or maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion that something is different. Either way, this quiz will help you assess your chances.

Is it twins?

Please Note! This quiz is not intended to replace a medical diagnosis. Only your doctor can confirm a multiple pregnancy. Please consult your medical provider if you have concerns about your pregnancy.

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