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Factors to Consider Before Buying A Twin Stroller

Choosing A Double Stroller for Twins


Updated August 08, 2010

Peg Perego Twin Tender Stroller

Peg Perego Twin Tender Stroller

Peg Perego

Before you buy a double stroller for your twins, consider these factors. They'll help you evaulate which double stroller is right for you.

How Will You Use Your Double Stroller?

By far, the most important consideration when selecting a stroller is your personal usage patterns. Think long and hard about how you will actually use this equipment. Put aside dreamy notions of leisurely strolls with your cooing infants and focus on the reality of your family life.

How often will you use it? daily? weekly? infrequently?

Where will you use it? Indoors -- at the mall or grocery store? Outdoors -- for jogging or hiking? In city streets or office buildings?

How will you transport your babies to the pediatrician? Day care? Post office? Will you use your stroller while exercising? Do you travel often? Will you need to store it in your automobile or do you rely on public transportation? Do you frequent buildings with a lot of stairs, elevators or escalators?

Teresa, whose twins are now toddlers, offers this advice. "I would advise all parents to look into their shopping habits and lifestyle very closely before making this decision. My husband is in the military and we were stationed overseas for the first 10 1/2 months of our boys' lives. Unfortunately, when we were sent to that location, the only vehicle that we brought was my husband's truck. It was a small truck with enough room to squeeze in ONE carseat. Our mode of travel was by foot." With that in mind, she selected a side-by-side model with reclining seats that would offer comfort along with easy manueverabiliity.

Evaluating your potentional usage patterns will help you shape your decision about what kind of stroller to buy. Once you get an idea in your mind about how you'll use the stroller, consider these other factors.

Other Characteristics of Double Strollers


Strollers constructed of metal are more stable and durable. However, metal strollers weigh much more than their plastic counterparts, and are usually more expensive. Heavier strollers are sturdier, last longer and can carry heavier -- and thus older -- children. But they can also be so troublesome to manuever and set up, that they aren't worth the investment.


How big is the stroller when folded up? Will it fit in your vehicle? How big is it when unfolded? Will it fit on sidewalks, through doorways, down store aisles? Cindy, a member in our message forum, says" I have a Cosco Tandem stroller and I hate it! It is way to big. It doesn't fit in our midsize car's trunk and it barely fits in the minivan. I can't put it in the back of the minivan because its to big. I have to squeeze it in after I get all the kids inside and quickly shut the door."

Accessories for Double Strollers

Baskets, bumpers, storage, canopies, hand rails, bag clips, drink holders, snack trays: Some of these options are necessary, some are nice to have, but others are just frivolous features. Let accessories be the deciding factor only if you're torn between two comparable models. Lana, a mom of 14-month-old girls, comments, "All the features that you thought would be really useful for infants are just in the way with toddlers. Reclining seats for toddlers -- I'm still laughing about how I thought that would be really important. My children will fall asleep sitting up long before they would lay down in the stroller."

Read on for more factors to consider in buying a double stroller for twins ...

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