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Spring 2005 Articles About Twins/Multiples

From Your Guide to Parenting Multiples, Pamela Fierro


Updated May 03, 2007

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Why Are Identical Twins Different? - 7/7/05
Scientists have long sought to explain the differences in identical twins, wondering why two individuals who share the same DNA can exhibit different characteristics of appearance, personality and health. A new study might have the answer.

Top Ten Low Cost/No Cost Summer Activities - 7/1/05
Whether your summer is just getting started or in full swing, there are going to be moments when your multiples have "nothing" to do, despite a playroom full of toys and games. Taking the whole gang to the movies or amusement park can get really expensive, so here are some ideas

From Wombmates to Roommates - 6/26/05
From expectant parents wondering whether to set up one nursery or two, to parents of twin tweens who want their own space, eventually all parents of multiples have to decide how to house their children. Here's how to decide what works for your family.

Can You Choose the Sex of Your Twins/Multiples? - 6/20/05
What would make your family perfect? What if you could choose to have boy twins, girl twins or one of each? Even if you could choose, should you? Find out if gender selection really works, and how it impacts multiple birth.

Triplet Pregnancy from Frozen Eggs - 6/19/05
A new fertility procedure establishes a triplet pregnancy using a mother's frozen eggs, offering new hope for infertile couples seeking to become pregnant with a baby.

Top Names for Twins - 5/13/05
This list reflects the most frequently used name combinations on applications for social security cards. Did your twins' names make the list?

Interview with 10-Year-Old Twins - 4/21/05
I interviewed two highly respected (by me, at least) experts on twins. They happen to be my own twin daughters. Having spent the last decade as twins (they recently turned ten), I felt like they had some sage advice to offer to parents of multiples.

Ten Things Never to Say to Twins - 4/18/05
Everyone speaks without thinking sometimes. If you're not a twin, you may not be aware that your comments are hurtful, not harmless. Even parents of twins, triplets or other multiples inadvertently say things that can be damaging to a child's sense of self. Keep your foot out of your mouth by avoiding these ten things never to say to twins.

Step 2 Toys for Twins - 4/7/05
The Step 2 company is particularly innovative at creating toys for twins or more. When my twins were younger, they loved swinging together in their swing and going for rides in the Wagon-for-2.

How to Have Twins - 3/25/05
Many people wonder what it takes to have twins, triplets or more. While having multiples is a gift and a blessing, there are some common factors that increase the chances of conceiving twins. Think you want to have twins or more? Here's how.

Choosing a Doctor for Your Multiples - 3/14/05
As a parent, one of the most important decisions you will make for your children is selecting their medical caregiver. As a parent of multiples, there are some special factors you should consider before you make that decision. Find out what to look for when choosing a doctor.

Eating Disorders and Twins - 2/28/05
February 27 - March 5 has been designated National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. This seems like a good opportunity for parents to educate themselves about the issues associated with eating disorders, especially for parents of multiples who may wonder whether their children are more susceptible to conditions such as anorexia, bulimia or binge-eating.

What I Love About Having Twins - 2/14/05
Valentine's Day has put me in the mood for love... not romantic love, exactly, but the love I have for my children and my family. I love being a mom of twins. In so many ways, it is a wonderful experience. I decided to try and detail some of the specific things that I love about having twins.

Gifts that Moms Will Love - 02/06/05
Looking for a special Valentine's Day gift for a mom of multiples? Here's a list of ten gifts that moms of multiples will love.

Top Ten Childproofing Must-Haves for Multiples - 1/17/05
If you've got a team of toddler twins or multiples in your home, you've got to take extra precautions to safeguard their safety -- and the safety of your house and its contents! When it comes to childproofing, parents of multiples must outthink and outwit their children to prevent accidents and mishaps in the home. What one doesn't think of, the other will! Here are Twin-Proofing Safety Gadgets for homes with multiples.

Double Stuff: Buying and Selling Stuff for Multiples - 1/10/05
Got multiples? Then you've got "stuff" -- lots of it! Parents of twins and other multiples need at least twice as much clothing, equipment and supplies for their little darlings. One way to save a buck, or cash in, is to buy secondhand stuff and then resell it when its outlived its usefulness. Here are some tips for buying and selling secondhand items for your babies.

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