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Before You Buy A Double Stroller for Twins


Updated February 19, 2014

A double stroller is one of the most important pieces of baby equipment that parents will by for their twins. It's important to get the right one because it can be a big investment. There is no one perfect double stroller -- if there was, all parents of twins would own it! Parents of twins need to evaluate how they'll use their double stroller and find the model that best suits their needs ... and their budget.

How to Choose a Double Stroller for Twins

Before you buy a double stroller for twins, it's important to consider what type will work best for your family. Learn what types of double strollers are on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Top Ten Double Strollers By Type

Once you've decided what kind of double stroller you want for your twins, consult these lists of recommended double strollers.

Travel System Double Strollers for Twoins

A travel system combines a stroller with an infant seat that can be installed in a vehicle. It a big convenience when transporting babies, but many travel systems are not designed to accommodate twins.

Quick Compare Double Strollers

These charts allow you to quickly compare the specifications and features of stroller models.

Share Your Thoughts

One of the best sources of information about double strollers comes from other parents of twins. Please share your thoughts, advice and recommendation, as well as any warnings about mistakes you've made buying a double stroller or warnings about products that didn't live up to your expectaions.

Strollers for Higher Order Multiples

Higher order multiples need wheels too! Strollers for triplets, quadruplets and even more are available.
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