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Halloween Costumes for Twins

Reader Suggestions


Updated June 13, 2014

Ian and Morgan

Ian and Morgan

Photo reprinted with permission of twobusymom.

Here are some Halloween costume ideas submitted by visitors to the Parenting Multiples site at About.com.

  • "Last year my twin boys were Thing 1 and Thing 2. I bought red union suits and wrote "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" on fabric circles. For the hair, I bought blue hair spray, but beware, it will rub off on car seats!" - Janet
  • "I had a great time last year with my 3 year old twin girls when we dressed them up as thing 1 and thing 2. Red sweatsuits, white cirlce of felt, black marker, clown wig spray painted blue. I of course went as the Cat in the Hat to Daycare for the parade." - susieq
  • "My identical twin girls were a lemon and lime for their first Halloween at 6 months old. I put them in a green and yellow sleeper, and they had lemon and lime caps that a friend of mine had knitted for them. Then, when they were 18 mos., they were angels. I purchased the wings and halos, but they could easily be made. They just wore all white (it was cold, so they wore sweatpants), and I made them little tulle skirts and sewed pretty lace along the bottom of the sweatpants." - Kelly
  • "I have 3yr. old boy/girl twins and their first Halloween I couldn't decide between Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Raggedy Ann and Andy. Last year I was stuck between Raggedy Ann and Andy with Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan. After pulling myself togather from an accute attack of Twin-itis I decided to let them choose who they wanted to be and they chose a Kitty Cat and Thomas the Tank Engine." - Charlene
  • "I have not actually tried this yet, but a couple of years ago, I saw a costume bubble gum machine, using a clear garbage bag and balloons. I thought maybe, a bunch of grapes. [Use] a clear garbage bag and one color balloons: lime green for white grapes and purple balloons for the red grapes. Naturally, I would have one be white grapes and the other twin be the red grapes." - Gretchen
  • "When my 5 yr old granddaughters were a yr old we dressed them as a Hershey Kiss and a Hershey Hug. Costumes were so simple to make. I just got a pattern for a toddler pumpkin costume and used the shiny silver fabric for it. The hat was the same fabric. I sewed some material out of the top of the hat and one said kiss and one said hug. For the hug I glued a few brown strips of fabric on the shiny silver. They were so cute and it was easy and they were comfortable. I used snaps at the shoulders." - Sue
  • "Hi this was my twins' second Hallowen and I dressed them up as Cleopatra and Ceasar. I was on vacation in Las Vegas and saw the outfits in the Ceasar's Palace Hotel and Casino. They were the hit this Halloween." - Cristina
  • "My b/g twins were 10 months old, and for the most part walking already; they were a quarterback and a cheerleader!" - Jillean
  • "For my twins' 2nd Halloween they were Salt and Pepper Shakers. I bought them sweats for the clothing - black for my son who was pepper, and white for my daughter who was salt. Then I bought felt and cut out a huge S & P and glued them on the shirts. I used two of their baby "bucket style" hats - I bought some shiny silver material and had my mom sew it on the hats, then glued black dots on the tops for the holes." - Mitzi
  • "I am planning on making my girls a Pair of Dice by painting 2 boxes red with black dots and attaching ribbon to hang over the shoulders. I've also thought about making them "2 of a Kind" by making them playing cards out of poster board." - Paula
  • "When my fraternal boy twins were 9 months old, we dressed them as the Fonz and Richie Cunningham for Halloween. Jack has black hair and wore a "leather" jacket with jeans and Jimmy has reddish blond hair and wore an argyle sweater with jeans. It was so easy and very very cute." - Maryellen
  • "I have three-year old fraternal twin boys. They have fallen in love with the Sesame Place theme park. I would love to dress them as Ernie and Bert for Halloween. The theme park sells the Ernie and Bert faces on a visor. I need to find striped shirts that resemble the shirts that Ernie and Bert wear on the television show." - Michelle Beloti
  • "I have 21 month boy/girl twins and this Halloween they will be dressing up as Pebbles and BamBam from The Flintstones. I bought some leopard print fleece and made mini togas for them. They will be wearing flesh colored turtle neck shirts underneath and leopard print shoe covers over their sneakers. Add a couple of accessories and they are good to go. This is the perfect age for this costume because, if you remember Pebbles and BamBam, they were talking about as clearly as 21 month olds do." - Jennifer
  • "Last year my identical twin girls were peas in a pod. This year they are 20 months old and I think they are going to be double bubble bubble gum." - Nikki
  • "I have twins and last year we did the bumble bee and flower." - Jen
  • "I thought it would be cute to dress my twin boys up as a little devil and a little angel because that is what they are!" - Maria
  • "I have two yr old twin girls and I am trying my best to make them macaroni and cheese costumes." - 4twingirls
  • "I wasn't quite sure what to have my twin boy dress up as for Halloween....but somehow....it came to me...Monkey See & Monkey Do.....I ordered the monkey costumes from One Step Ahead, and then took it to my local monogram store." - Kristina
  • "I made doublemint twins. They were sticks of gum. The costumes were made of green felt with silver at the top and bottom and a silver headband. On the front I glued the letters "DOUBLEMINT TWINS" I had cut out of white felt. I added white tights and they won the costume contest that year." - Heather Trocko
  • "My twins, who are now 2 1/2, had the cutest costumes for their first 2 halloweens. Gavin and Gage were Mario and Luigi(Nintendo Bros.)" - Danielle Naquin
  • "My favorite Halloween costume I had for my twin boys was when they were two. I dressed them as baby vampires. They were adorable! I dressed them in black and red, black cape, whited-out faces and red binkies." - Reynosa Feldy
  • "My fraternal twin boys were too young last year to dress up, but this year they will be dressing as a fireman and a dalmation." - Tamara
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