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Pamela Prindle Fierro

Wombmates to Roomates?

By February 11, 2013

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My twins currently have their own rooms, but for the first eight years of their lives, they shared a room. They started out with a communal nursery. When they were toddlers, and transitioning from cribs to beds, we pondered the option to establish separate bedrooms, but they seemed content to share a space. When they were six, we moved to a new and bigger house, but they still shared a room, moving into bunk beds. But as they got a bit older, they started to quibble over possessions and privacy, and it seemed the right time to give them their own rooms. In many ways, that made things easier. There was less fighting over who created the mess and whose turn it was to clean it up. It was easier to keep clothes and books and belongings allocated and organized. Now, as teenagers, they both neglect to keep their rooms straight, but it's their mess and they own it individually instead of sharing it.

What about your family? Do your twins share a room? Vote in this week's Parent's Poll and leave a comment to explain your decision.

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