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Pamela Prindle Fierro

What Will You Do With Your Multiples' Halloween Candy?

By October 29, 2012

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One fun thing about having twins or multiples at Halloween ... double the candy! But while collecting the treats is fun, dealing with the sugary aftermath can be tricky. It's just too tempting -- especially for kids -- to eat the sweet stuff at a stomach-churning pace. Parents have to give some thought to how they'll manage the candy madness, and perhaps even plan some alternatives in advance.

So, how do you handle the Halloween candy? Leave a comment and share your strategies. In the meantime, here are some points to consider:

  • Serve your multiples a healthy dinner before trick-or-treating. They may be too excited to eat much, but at least they won't be tempted to overconsume candy because they have an empty stomach.
  • Walk -- don't drive -- to your trick-or-treat destinations so that your multiples make exercise a part of the fun.
  • Encourage your multiples to save all of their treats until they get home so that it can be inspected (and monitored); if they do eat along the way, make sure it is only from a trusted source.
  • For some kids, looking at the loot adds to the enjoyment. Encourage your multiples to sort and organize their candy, and then trade or negotiate for their favorites. This is one of those times when having a twin sibling comes in really handy!
  • Allow your multiples to select a reasonable portion to consume as they choose. Then ration out the rest to be eaten over a period of time, perhaps one or two pieces a day.
  • Offer your multiples an opportunity to turn over the candy for another reward, perhaps a toy, books or cash (a la the tooth fairy). This may take a bit of advance planning or preparation on your part. They get a more substantial treat, and you have the option to donate (or throw away) the calorie-laden candy.
  • Finally, don't ban candy outright. Denying the treats only makes them more appealing, encouraging your multiples to sneak a taste when they can get it. Rather, use the holiday as an opportunity to teach your twins about balance, moderation and portion control.

Don't forget to share your candy control strategies! Leave a comment and vote in the poll.

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