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What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Thursday April 17, 2014

Easy Access Overnight Diaper Bag

Double the babies = double the "stuff"? Right?!? Getting out the door with everything your twins need on the go may seem like a monumental task. It's hard enough to handle two babies and a giant double stroller, but lugging a diaper bag that weighs more than all of them combined can cause some serious back pain. How do you pack a diaper bag with essentials, without overloading yourself or geting caught unprepared? Here's a checklist of must-have items for your diaper bag.

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Twins of the Week: Amaris and Amari

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Amaris and Amari

Photo reprinted with permisison of aag508.

Amaris and Amari are the Twins of the Week! These identical twin sisters were a year old in this picture. Click to learn more about them.

Choosing a Pediatrician for Twins

Tuesday April 15, 2014

5 month old fraternal twins, Daniel and Eleanor Fairbairn.

Hopefully your twins will always be healthy. But more than likely, they'll make plenty of trips to visit the doctor. Whether for routine checkups, vaccinations, or common childhood illnesses, you'll spend twice as much time in the doctor's office.

If you are an experienced parent, you may already have an affiliation with a doctor or pediatrician. If you're a new parent, you may wonder how to find a caregiver that specializes in babies and children. Either way, consider these tips to ensure that you find the best medical care for your multiples: How to Choose a Pediatrician for Twins

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Parents Poll: Potty Training Twins

Monday April 14, 2014

Twins in Diapers

As anxious as you are to dump the double dose of daily diapers, the process of potty training twins or multiples can be a daunting prospect. Start too early, and you face setbacks, frustration, and messy mishaps. When did you start potty training? Take this week's Parent's Poll to share your experience. You can choose more than one answer, so if your twins trained at different times, please select the answers that best reflect your situation.

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Are Twins Built-In Buddies?

Thursday April 10, 2014

2 year old fraternal twins, Finola and Faine.

Many people imagine that being a twin is oh-so wonderful, that twins have a wonderful, amazing relationship starting at birth. Yet parents of twins know that being a twin can be a mixed blessing. Despite the advantages of having a same-age sibling, there are times when twins can't stand the sight of each other! While it may seem that twins are built-in buddies, they also have needs for privacy, individuality, and outside friendships.

Let's examine the issue: Are Your Twins Built-In Buddies?

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Twins of the Week: Eva and Xander

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Eva and Xander

Photo reprinted with permisison of carisashaw.

Meet Eva and Xander, the Twins of the Week! These fraternal twins were five years old in this picture. Click to find out more about them.

10 Ways You KNOW You're a Mom of Twins...

Tuesday April 8, 2014
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="338" caption="Getty Images / Graham Monro/gm"]Mom of Twins[/caption]


Moms of twins are pretty amazing. When the challenges of raising multiples are set before them, they come up with some creative ways to cope. They count the minutes between their childrens' births instead of years. They don't do hand-me-downs because their kids use everything at the same time. They can multitask like a computer,  juggle like a circus performer, and have steel trap memories so that they can remember -- and keep straight -- every infinitesimal detail about each child.

You can't always identify a mom of twins, but there are some sure signs that give her away. Do you recognize any of these? 10 Telltale Signs That You'e a Mom of Twins

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Parents Poll: Are Your Twins Righties or Lefties?

Monday April 7, 2014

Twins holding hands

Right or left? No, I'm not asking about your political leanings. I'm talking about hand preference.

My twins are one of each - one is right-handed and the other left-handed. I never gave it much thought as my husband is left handed while I am right handed, so I just assumed that our twin daughters took after us. However, I was surprised to learn that handedness is not necessarily a genetic trait. Many monozygotic (identical) twins -- such as my own -- who share the same genetic markers actually have different handedness preferences.

What about your twins? Take this week's Parent's Poll and "hand" in your vote!



Top 10 Mistakes Made by New Parents of Twins

Thursday April 3, 2014


Newborn Twins
The first few months with twins or multiples can be a trying time for families. Juggling the care of several newborns is a round-the-clock job. Sleep deprivation adds to the physical strain while postpartum hormonal swings heighten out-of-control emotions. Even experienced parents can fall into these common traps when their twins, triplets or more are born.  Avoid them, and you'll find that the first few months of caring for multiples is much more manageable.

Did you make any of these mistakes? Click on comments to share your story.

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Twins of the Week: Owen and Kaylee Rose

Wednesday April 2, 2014

Owen and Kaylee Rose

Photo reprinted with permisison of kayla ward.

Owen and Kaylee Rose are the Twins of the Week! They were 21 months old in this picture of them riding their four-wheeler. While they have their own personalities, they are alike in many of the things they do. Click to learn more about them.

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